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#10: Guy Lafleur

Saturday, January 29th, 2005

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Show 10 – our first double-digit show!

RSS or MP3 40 minutes ~ 32MB

  • Once again, we speak of Julien, the Northern Prince of Pod
  • 4-inch nail in the head
  • The Australian Alps?
  • Donald Trump has no friends
  • We’re not Straight-edge
  • Ear hair
  • Fuzzy Logic takes it personal
  • Firewood
  • Chiropractors – satan’s spawn?

Tunes this week:

Robert Wade – Monkey Cymbals
Draz – Sunday Rain
The Rantings of Eva – Infrared

Background Music:

intro : Jazz Skank from open-songs

(ok, I know it’s the Jan 30th show, and I posted it on the 29th, ok?? give me a break! geeze!)

9: Maurice “The Rocket” Richard

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

RSS or MP3 25MB

Show 9, our first daytime recording :

NHL Tunes this week:
Columbus, Ohio:
Manda & The Marbles – Ode to Rock
Nashville, Tennessee:
Amphora – Simple Six
Québec City, Québec:
Mr. No – In My Sleep

Background Music:

intro : Jazz Skank from open-songs

Welcome to our sister show!

Saturday, January 22nd, 2005

30 Minutes, 30 Megs, NO YAPPING!


8: # of losses during 80-game Habs’ 76-77 season

Sunday, January 16th, 2005

RSS or MP3 30MB

Show 8 takes you on a wonderful 35 minute aural journey through :

  • On that note
  • Happy B-Day Interplanet Janet!
  • AJ’s podcasting stress
  • Nascar’s Viagara doctor gives me a T-Shirt
  • Canada remains undefeated
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • AJ was meant to be a girl
  • The longest ending we’ve ever done

Plugs :

Apologies to the shows we named wrong on the ‘cast, we need to keep better notes!

Tunes this week:
Betablokka – Scared (the difference between)
New York:
Jonathan Coulton – Ikea
Andrea Revel – Citysong

Background Music:

New intro : Jazz Skank from open-songs

Habs #7 : Howie Morenz

Sunday, January 9th, 2005

Show 7 – The new year begins

RSS or MP3 30MB

Our first show of the new year finds us recording our first ‘dry’ show.. Only water, honest! We had a great time doing this one, it was nice to get back together again after the holidays. The scratchy voice you hear is actually AJ.

This week’s show runs about 36 minutes:

  • Are we the last ones to mention it’s 2005?
  • Bob’s mom’s traditional Christmas french fries
  • Canada kicks the world’s hockey ass
  • Famous ex-Expos
  • Penguin-Bowling championships
  • Only 19 votes, no TwoTonShoes this time (but next week for sure)
  • Why apologize for having a cold?
  • Our favourite albums of 2004
  • How Pearl Jam tanked
  • Porn will replace podcasting
  • Fuzzy Logic: Can you hear me now?
  • Would Interplanet Karen please be our Asian correspondent ?
  • Have you clicked on this ?
  • The CatFish Show is beating us at our own game
  • Quebec podcasters (merci pour les liens Marie-Chantal!)

Our format-limiting NHL music featured this week:

Aaron Hall – Rachael (Rough version)
Army of Me – Frozen

What ?!? No Canadian music this week?? We’ll fix that next time!

Background Music:

Don’t know who Howie Morenz was? Do you know nothing about our beloved (but currently very idle) Montréal Canadiens??? Learn here

We’ve been picked up for another season!

Monday, January 3rd, 2005

As the dust settles after another hectic holiday season, we just wanted to take minute to wish you all a great 2005, and may your mp3 player be filled with podcasts you love.

We’re planning great things for 2005, so don’t miss it! Our new season starts this weekend, keep your aggregators ready!

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard them yet, all our 2004 shows are available as direct downloads (just look down the right side of the page).. See our progress, and stand in awe at where we’re going..

Merry 2005!

Bob & AJ