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Oooo! a Review!

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Hey – we were reviewed on the New New Podcast Review!

Check it out here :

18 and Life

Sunday, March 27th, 2005

MP3 or RSS 42 minutes ~ about that big

More Skype, because we want podcasters to all be friends!

Windows and Skype together suck
Deniz from The Tragically Nameless Podcast drops in for a chat
New Segment: AMBUSH OUTTRO. Our first victims, er.. guests:

AJ gets a love note from April of the PonderPlace podcast..
Reality Bitchslap mourning
Another Montreal podcast meet-up in May (pics from last one here)

Thanks for asking, but we can’t do an 8-hour show

Tunes this week:
Michael Andrew – Stoned
The Killingtons – Weekend Drive

Thanks once again for you comments and emails, keep them coming! Oh, and if you’re the last person on earth and haven’t heard us asking for votes, click here, here or here.

Edge of Seventeen

Sunday, March 20th, 2005

RSS or MP3 45 minutes ~ 4 terabytes

A relatively normal show, no one really got hurt.

AJ has a new girlfriend
Podcasting works! We get voice mail from Christa Couture
The big podcast fight between Ponderplace and Richard Vobes
Tell us about the show length – email us or voice comment :

Should we do a 45 minute show once a week, or 20 minute shows 3 times a week?

Thanks for your support! We’re clinging to the top50!
Would SOMEBODY please sign Retrograde ????
Travis from PonderPlace joins us on Skype (and we had no problems making it work, ok?)
…and tries to convert us to using Kniforpoons :

AJ’s St-Patty’s day links
Survivor Cereal Commercial (From CheezePleeze)

This week’s tunes:

Christa Couture – I Will
Unorganized Crime – Alessandra
Retrograde – It’s Over Now
Sheldon Rourke – Falling Apart

Thanks for your emails, Fuzzy says he’ll be back next week! Let’s hope so…
Your continuing support for us at podcastalley makes our days ever so more livable – thanks!

See you next week!

16 tons

Sunday, March 13th, 2005

RSS or MP3 50 minutes ~ 40.12763 MB

Blah blah blah show 16 blah blah blah…

Today we explain the differences between nuclear (that’s noo-que-lar for friends of W) fission and fusion, as well as the socio-political ramifications of “free talk” radio shows who don’t really want to hear anyone speak but themselves.

Among the sub-topics we explore:

The Dukes of Hazzard Movie (Hi Darren!)
We got nice comments about Christa Couture
Our version of Supersize Me : SuperBeer Me
We join Deniz’s The Tragically Nameless Podcast‘s F-you iPod Shuffle movement
Our new MP3 player on the site
Screaming Vocalists
Our SOCAN licensing request
RIAA: We will play your tunes, for a fee
Hockey death – the show must go on
Our new friends at The PonderPlace Podcast
What mean by “live” recording
Help us bring Fuzzy Logic back

Our selections this week:

The Killingtons – twilight
KOLERIK – Shadow
Blinker the Star – Girl in America
Channels – Chivaree

Thanks for listening, and telling your friends, we’re seeing the numbers go up, and we owe it all to YOU! So have a beer, and pretend we paid for it!

Oh well

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

It was fun while it lasted – and thanks for your support , but we’re now off the top 50 at podcast alley.

This means of course that the show must come to a sudden, yet definite halt.

Ok, maybe not.

See ya sunday!

15: Less rum – more Skype fun

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

RSS or MP3 55 minutes ~ 45MB

Whenever we use Skype we end up with a 55-minute show. Hmmm. :

This week’s music from :

New voting set up at podcast alley, it’s monthly now. What? You thought we wouldn’t ask for votes?

Want to be ON the show?? Leave a comment, email us, call the comment line.. Who knows – you could be the next Skype-guest!

Be Well, see you next week!