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25: Less Luc and More Matt!

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

MP3 or RSS 57 minutes

Show 25 – The “I can’t put anything witty here” Show

How many comments are in a slew ??
Canadian Tire Money:

Smart Cars
Alice Cooper isn’t from Quebec
Ambush outtro victim: Matt from Digital Detroit Radio
AMP – The Association of Music Podcasting
Matt will send us pictures of him with the STANLEY CUP
Nic’s “Bob and AJ” Drinking Game
Disturbing Auctions featuring the Golfing Dead Frog:

Fuzzy Logic watches Chinese gameshows
Big Mike disclaimer over & over
Luc gets electric fly zappers and more Asia stories
Another 15 minute ending- we need to shut up

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
st. joseph’s baby acid – The Dead have Bad Dreams
My Machine – Mix it up
Tourist – Throwing Stones

Thanks for joining the new forum, tell your friends, tell your family!


Thursday, April 28th, 2005

MP3 or RSS 49 minutes- not quite safe for church

Show 24 – The “Skype across the World” Show

Our SPECIAL guest host, Luc (aka Fuzzy Logic) Cohosting LIVE from Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok stories – not family safe, unless it’s a really open family
Stupid Hoo-hoo tricks
BBC Windsor Castle Show
Benoit the German hockey-playing-oil-changing pope
Luc’s noisiest laptop fan EVER
Lots of inane wednesday-wierd-show stuff
The Julien Love Theme

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
redesign – lo and behold
Wayside – Weak
No Fun – Be Like Us
Pyramid – Streets Were Raining

Remember the new forum, c’mon and join and have some fun!

yap away!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Hey friends, thanks for the awesome comments & email feedback.. It’s nice to hear your views, and have you share in the progression of the show(s).

With that in mind, I invite you all to visit our brand-spanking-new message board , and chat it up. AJ, Cat & I will all be on there. So this will be lots of fun..

Come on in!


Number 23: Bob Gainey

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

MP3 or RSS 45 minutes

Show 23 – Rich disappears

New theme music, & where the hell is Rich?
Great emails & comments – we love it!
Ben’s Smoked meat
The Playmates were real BEEP BEEP (1958, not 1961.. I goofed) newspaper interview
We both listen to Digital Detroit Radio
Ambush outtro : Deniz Rudin ,
– which leads to the inevitable generational gap you’d expect
– which leads to the inevitable Deniz getting shot by Brian with a paintball gun
Bob Hyman – The Principal
AJ Discovers Yahoo’s Launchcast
Jeff Buckley
Fuzzy Logic – LIVE from Bangkok, Thailand
Jason – we thought you were our friend
Rich – Our lawyers will contact you

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Accousticore – Holy Crap, Ronald McDonald can Can Dunk
Almost Done – My Requiem
Guinness Clarke’s Wine – Perfect

Did you know that listeners of the Bob and AJ show have been scientifically proven to be more intelligent and attractive than those who don’t ? Think about it.

Catch 22

Saturday, April 16th, 2005

MP3 or RSS 43 minutes ~ Big enough to delete all other podcasts from your player

Show 22 – Munching and podcasting

Miss Vickies potato chips
Scarborough Dude’s comment
– We are the alternative to Adam Curry ?
Outtro Ambush victim: CC Chapman from Accident Hash
– Check out Hash #13 – Kristia Di Gregorio Interview
No Miss Vickies chips in Boston
Laith Bahrani’s incredible Low Morale video for Radiohead’s Creep
CC didn’t dig Tori Amos’ concert
listener emails
We get google to pay attention by mentioning WE PODCAST FROM CANADA
AJ enjoyed the Metallica documentary product, Bob just doesn’t like them
Drummers & Goalies – in a different orbit
Trailer Park Boys has too much cussing for MTV?
The Barenaked Ladies variety show on FOX?
How to please to old english women

The guy in front really isn’t happy, the guy in the middle is just a little TOO happy

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Berman – Fall off the Earth
The Mod-est Lads – She Said Bi…
Crafted – Shout
The Screen – Lotus

Thanks for listening, Voice mail, comments and email always welcomed!

21: Blackjack – a bonus show

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

MP3 or RSS 45 minutes ~ like that new rash you’ve been worrying about

Show 21 – Some vulgarity, none of it our fault
The save Arrested Development petition
Is Julien mad at us?
Dr. Schvartz will fix my cell phone and computer
uno, dos, tres, BONG!
Ambush Outtro : Travis from The Ponderplace Podcast
We wake April up & chat forever
Butthole Radio – 4 watts FM Stereo Power
Jason’s here again – what a surprise!

This picture has nothing to do with the show:

Selections from Mostlytunes this time:
Jonathan Coulton – Mandlebrot Set
KG – Carnival
No Ones Kind – Drama


20: Back to normal

Sunday, April 10th, 2005

MP3 or RSS 43 minutes ~ bigger than a bread box, smaller than a 747

Show 20 – What a milestone!
The Catholic Insider podcast, and how we’re going to hell
What do atheists say before the car hits the tree?
Interplanet Janet guests and dicusses Duran Duran and how she wants Roger Moore

The mostlytunes changes aren’t very popular
80’s Montreal Mega-band The Box has a new album
The Eagles show

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Samantha Murphy – At the Laundr-O-mat
The Whereabouts – Afterthought
Kevin Mark – So Blue Without You

Thanks for listening, this week you can vote, or tell a friend about the show – it’s all good!

Hey Nineteen

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

MP3 or RSS *60* minutes ~ holy crap that’s huge.. almost 48meg..

An on-location vacation podcast, with a guest host: Jason from Insomnia Radio! We break in the mobile studio (pictures here), and sacrifice a bit of audio quality to bring you our longest show. This is why we want to go to multiple smaller shows..

We discuss podcasting, and

  • Our review on the New, New Podcast Review
  • Researching the music
  • How Bob and AJ met
  • Podcasting alone or with a cohost
  • Official podcasting equipment
  • Podcasting waits for no one
  • AJ’s guest bit on the PonderPlace podcast
  • Skype recording
  • We quiz Jason about Canada
  • Jason rubs it in Deniz’s face
  • Listen past the end for the wrap up

Music this week shamelessly lifted from
Cheryl Gaudet – Trust Me
Rebel Storm – Gals from Mississippi
Hurlee – Better Days

Thanks for the kind words and music submissions! We answer all email we promise, just a bit of deluge right now.. That’s a good thing!

Next week, a show back from our home base and regular setup.. Also, it’s a new voting month on podcastalley, so if you feel so inclined, click here.

AJ is cheating on me

Friday, April 1st, 2005

So I go away for a few days, and what happens? AJ goes and co-hosts another show. Can you believe it?

He’s since told me he’s seen the error of his ways and promises not to cheat on me again, but, how can I be sure?


You can hear the treachery here on The Ponderplace Podcast