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46: The Van Show

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

Direct download here -> 30 minutes

From our drive to Ottawa for the podcaster meetup, eavesdrop on the in-car conversations with your favourite montreal podcasters, running late and high on caffeine..

Bob, Cat, AJ, Interplanet Janet & Julien in a Plymouth Van

Some swearing, what did you expect with Julien in the car?

Wonderful car topics such as:
Ottawa jabs
Montreal Food
Sugar ratios
AJ talks differently in real life
We bug Cat about Tod Maffin
The first time we met Julien
We are nerds, dammit!
Montreal festivals
Chris from Molar Radio buys Tod a beer
The tip jar
Comics in 60’s
How we started podcasting
Ottawa Observations

You can hear what happened at the meetup by listening to the June 12th episode of electric sky.

This Sunday, a show recorded on location at the AJ compound..

45: Keyboard Wizards

Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Direct download here -> 44 minutes

Bob’s dad & Bob Moog: Keyboard wizards who’ve left us
Radio Filibuster
AJ drops a 300lb transformer on his foot
There are English speaking Quebecers?
The CBC strike
Matt‘s Fantasy Hockey League : email him to sign up! matt at digitaldetroit radio
AJ thinks Scots are taking over the show
Labels that understand the podcasting train
AJ finally gets an MP3 player and fills it with cheese
AJ thinks he can get April from the Ponderplace podcast to wear the B&AJ thong
the clock works fine
If you want to buy a podcasting book, buy the Canadian one
Show 50 planning is underway
AJ’s road rage with Enya
Krash from Oka-Zoo comments on Coronation Street
is Brooke angry?
Montreal Podcaster meet-upSept. 9th details on our forum
The french swear word of the week: Twit

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Halloween Alaska – Call it clear
Voices In Your Head – Numbly
Andrea England – Heart Wide Open (Eyes wide shut)

blah blah show 50 blah blah… audio comment… blah blah.. please… blah…

44: Steve Hunter is Scottish

Saturday, August 20th, 2005

Direct download here -> holy crap! a whopping 55 minute show! Sorry about that!

Did I mention Steve Hunter is Scottish?

Jon in Vancouver is kidnapped by biker chicks:
Biker Chicks
Nico’s awesome graphics
Zedcast‘s skydiving story
The podcast got imported beer from Bruce
AJ has to stop saying Aspect
Poll results
AJ’s still bitter about AMP

Bob’s apology to Steve Hunter:
Steve Hunter is Scottish

AJ introduces us to the new A1GP race series
Fuzzy Logic looks at bikers
AJ thinks he booked Tea Party in the UK
Congrats to Julien and MC for the Montreal Gazette write-up
oh yeah, they mentioned CatFish Show and mostlytunes
Montreal podcaster meetups:

  • Sept 9th or 10th (?) and
  • October 14th
  • Tommy Lee goes to college
    AJ’s Tatoos
    We stumble through another french swear word: OSTIE
    Can anyone recommend a quiet mouse with soft clicks?

    Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
    Ten Story Relapse – Routine Life
    Lowbuz – Point
    Butterfly Catchers – Morning

    We’re still planning to do a special show 50 Send us your audio comments!

    43: Crickets and Planes

    Sunday, August 14th, 2005

    Direct download here -> about 39 minutes

    Post vacation studio thing

    Bad German
    Intro music search
    We dig Garageband, no evil there
    My desk is made of wood
    Our new friends in the UK, Chris and Alasdair at the Aycliffe Podcast
    AJ’s summer vacation and child safety
    Bob’s hellish drive to Maine
    Brooke’s voicemail
    The Pink Floyd Animals building is real
    94% of listeners want us to just do our show
    We stumble through a bad segment on french swear words
    Jonathan Coulton‘s Popular Science music
    Krash from Oka-zoo podcast sent us this:

    There is a Montreal podcaster/listener meetup happening soon!
    How we pick tunes
    How we deal with Skype
    Crickets and Planes

    Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
    Skin Fuck – Do I Havta?
    Life of Pi – Green Lantern
    Jonathan Coulton – That spells DNA

    We’re planning a special show 50 Send us your special audio comments!

    The Ottawa Meetup audio is being edited, look for an usual show soon!

    42: The Sleepy Monday Show

    Monday, August 8th, 2005

    Direct download here -> about 28 minutes

    Last of the Skype shows we prerecorded before AJ’s vacation…

    The Bob and AJ Store
    Skateboarding without a skateboard: Urbanfreeflow
    Urban Exploration at
    Did we mention Digital Detroit Radio ?
    AJ saw War of the Worlds
    Did we mention Tom Cruise is nuts?
    And what the hell does Youppi! have to do with Tom Cruise?
    Montreal Expos Mascot
    Fuzzy Logic on flip-flops
    So many South Park pics on the forum
    Random Language Intros

    Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
    My Machine – Mix it Up
    Shovelhead – Twenty Nine

    Back to the regular grind sunday!