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49: Life Questions

Saturday, September 24th, 2005

Direct download here -> 45 minutes

More of life’s important questions:

– John Lennon or Paul McCartney ?
– Ringo Starr or Alex Van-Halen or John Bonham or Neil Peart
What’s happening to ?
Sarah Fimm is touring with Peter Murphy, very cool!
AJ hits his microphone, not his kid
Youppi! is the Habs’ new mascot:
Youppi and Bob Gainey
The bet is ON with us and CC Chapman
We get harassed by Digital Detroit lawyers
Gas price-gouging followed by a clever thought I couldn’t finish
Do you think Mocean Worker would cut a theme for us?
Listener comments
Grant’s new show: Three from Leith and Mark’s (Tartan Podcast) attempts to say it
AJ’s wondering if he introduced Steve to A1Gp
the Secrets of Podcasting book

You have until tuesday to send audio for show 50!

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
ANEMO – Fallout Renegade on City Canyons records.
Brighton – Everyone
Spin 66 – Big Fuzz

SHOW 50 is but a few days away! Thanks for joining us on this awesome ride!

48: Attention-getting smack

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Direct download here -> 41 minutes

Back into the normalish show..

Montreal meetup talk – we need a quieter place next time
We have a Bruce
AJ’s Green Day show review
AJ’s take on the Matt segment on spanking kids
Nature’s way of protecting kids
Sleeping with the MP3 player on
We dislike the Lord of the Dance
Found dolphins in New Orleans
Send audio for show 50!
The French swear word of the week
Politically-incorrect radio
We’re different here

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
The Broken Toys – Bad Lucy
Hurdy Gurdy – Skallstyggen
Brighton – Don’t Wait For Tomorrow

Join us next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-Channel..

47: From AJ’s house

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Direct download here -> 41 minutes

Recorded last thursday in the cricket-room of the AJ compound, could be not safe for work, depending on where you work..

Swearing up to five times is ok
Is it bad words or bad intent?
Comment from Mark at
Montreal Podcaster meetup this friday 7-7:30pm :

Hurleys Irish Pub
1225 Crescent Street
Montreal, Quebec
Tel: (514) 861-4111
AJ will not be there. 🙁
I’ll be giving some CD’s away

CC Chapman‘s hockey challenge – Send in your ideas!
5 Boston Bruins Stanley cups: 1929 1939 1941 1970 1972
24 Montreal Canadiens Stanley cups: 1924 1930 1931 1935 1944 1946 1953 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1965 1966 1968 1969 1971 1973 1976 1977 1978 1979 1986 1993
The racing poll & discussion
A bit of New Orleans talk, with the promised link , and if you needed a podcast to show you that.. Well , I just don’t know…

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Mark Harold – Freedom for my soul
Val Davis – The Texas Sky
Chris Cubeta – Billy Elliot

See you at the meetup!!