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60: last one of 2005

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

For your holiday listening pleasure, it’s B&AJ 60! Listen closely as we open packages from some of the world’s best people…
Direct download here -> 47 minutes, plus a 8 minute tune at the end

New theme
How many shows are still around from Nov 2004?
Bob isn’t a liberal
We got gifts!
CC sent us a package – He rocks!
and yes, you can smuggle alcohol into Canada.
James K. and Bob
Thanks James & Stephen!

CBC Documentary, tsunami : Untold Stories
Audio comment – fast food order
Buffalos gone wild 3

Hardest gift to buy.. final poll results:

* Wife/Girlfriend: 37%
* Husband/boyfriend: 0%
* Mom: 17%
* Dad: 8%
* Sister: 0%
* Brother: 4%
* Bob: 0%
* AJ: 12%
* Charo: 8%
* Michael Jackson: 12%

NASCAR public service announcement
Our best CafePress customer: AJ
The South Park discussion
The new Christa Couture album is available!

New poll: New Year’s Resolutions

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Francis Jocky – Higher Love
Myles Cochran – Gold and Rose from Magnatune
Falling You – Something About Eve from Magnatune

see ya next YEAR!!

59: The Xmas Show

Sunday, December 18th, 2005

It’s not just any Xmas show, it’s B&AJ 59!
Direct download here -> 42.5 minutes

Xmas-y background music by Norbert Kujus
the first dusting of snow of the year
The Amazing Race comes to Montreal
and makes Interplanet Janet rant
April is hurt 🙁
The not-lost postcard explanation
CC’s snowstorm shot:
Sunsets on Snow
Favorite Beatle poll results:

* John Lennon: 29%
* Paul McCartney: 32%
* George Harrison: 21%
* Ringo Starr: 4%
* Pete Best: 0%
* Stu Sutcliffe: 4%
* Peter Stormare from “Million Dollar Hotel”: 4%
* George Martin: 4%
* The Dead One: 4%

Our yearly mashup: American Edit
Aaron from “The Peg” comment
Retro clip: Babelfish Xmas tune from Xmas 2004
The best xmas phone comment EVAR
longest show ending we’ve had in a while

New poll: Hardest person to buy for..

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Braintree – Mercy
Arthur Yoria – Permanent from Magnatune
Christa Couture – Jessica Grey Buy it here!

see ya next week!

58: Where the pub?

Monday, December 12th, 2005

A day late, but not a dollar short, it’s B&AJ 58
Direct download here -> 42.5 minutes

Oops, we were supposed to be in a pub
Our new sister show, Canadian Podcast Buffet
Stefan’s rum poll choice: Stroh’s Inlaender Rum
Fuzzy Logic calls in for a chat and tells us about his fake Rolex
Recorded Dec 8th, so we had to talk about Lennon
Comments and Frappr map
Apologies to April
Whine tawk – price means nothing
Worst gifts ever poll results:

  • Cheap Toolkit: 18%
  • Ugly Shirts: 36%
  • Fruit cake: 9%
  • Underwear (because it was from my in-laws): 9%
  • bike helmet… when I had no bike: 9%
  • socks: 9%
  • Fishing Lure (When I had no rod): 9%
  • New poll: Your favourite Beatle

    Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
    Hollow Horse – Forget the Girl
    Roots of Rebellion – Messenger from Magnatune
    Artemis – Fountain of Life from Magnatune

    see ya next week!

    57: Into Year 2

    Sunday, December 4th, 2005

    Headlong into the Abyss that is year 2,
    it’s B&AJ 57!
    Direct download here -> 47 minutes

    It’s the one year show!
    Phones don’t work during football, especially the Grey Cup
    Montreal Podcaster Meetup (pictures,attendees)
    Scarborough Dude‘s alter-ego
    RIP Chris Whitley
    The Ponderplace Podcast Promo
    U2 fever in Montreal
    Poll Results
    Bad Christmas gifts
    Check out our Frappr!
    The Tartan Podcast Promo
    Help us with our promo
    Satellite radio comes to Canada, will it include CC?
    Bob and AJ Swag – The ideal Xmas Gift!
    ->Especially the T-shirtThong
    Sign up on the forum – contests coming soon!
    Katimavik – Canada’s youth volunteer service program

    Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
    Fluid – Mercurial Girl

    Freddy – Christmas Yet to Be
    (Buy this one for a good cause)

    Teays Vein – Right Before Me

    see ya next week!