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69: Yeah, I said 69.

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Like a kick in the face with poofy slippers, it’s B&AJ 69!
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36 minutes.

Florida thoughts
“I’m old, I can do what I want”
NHL officiating is a joke
Don Cherry is a cock
AJ takes The Muppett Test
It's not a stapler!
The Kermit/Mocean Worker mash-up
Houses sold, packing. moving, all that fun stuff
Band of the Week : Van Halen
The inevitable Dave or Sammy discussion
Cars Premiere
Podcasters Across Borders will kick ass
Thanks Laura!

Little things everyone has:

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  • The comment line : (267)220-3701
  • Tunes this week:
    Hello Nurse – The last to know
    Dave Keegan – Do that again
    Spero – Innocence

    Back from vacation

    Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

    Well we didn’t get to do a show from Florida for all kinds of reasons..

    The important thing is we’re gettting together this week to do another show. So please email us with your favourite use of hot dog condiments, and we’ll address that during our next show..

    See ya this weekend!

    68: Ooo Baby!

    Sunday, April 9th, 2006

    Better looking than Darcy Tucker, and cleaner too! it’s B&AJ 68!
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    36 minutes.

    Thanks for the welcome back msgs!
    A guy show
    Habs on a tear
    This picture :
    It's a stapler!
    Has nothing to do with the show.
    F-U Bob Cole, you suck – you leaf syncophant, ooo baby!
    AJ’s band of the week: Aerosmith
    Favourite Supertramp tune : Bloody well right
    French swear word of the week: flemgouin
    Obscure track : Hocus Pocus’ Focus
    The Rogic easter egg hunt
    another plug for Podcasters Across Borders and Bruce from Zedcast (or a cardboard facsimile) will be there!
    Next week : a skype show from Florida!

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    Tunes this week:
    Orbis – Launch
    Behavior – Anywhere but here
    Burnshee Thornside – Hey Hey Hey

    67: Back in the Saddle

    Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

    Now in english, and in colour! it’s B&AJ 67!
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    45 minutes.

    Back from the break
    The gay coast (?)
    AJ’s bucket adventure
    Steve (F1-podcast) shares School of Rock love
    French swear word of the week: Crisse
    Fuzzy’s reaction to the men’s hockey thing
    Band of the week thing: Supertramp
    likes Rush better
    Podcasters Across Borders Meetup : June 23-24
    Trucker Bill Comment
    The Orphanage of Cast-off Mascots
    The Salt Guy

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    Orbis – Out there
    Mere – Anything At All
    Danna Hill – Uncertainty