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110: A year, some friends, some wine

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

45 minutes

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Almost, but not quite 12 months after our last show – here’s B&AJ 110!

Strangely enough, it’s recorded at the same cottage where we recorded the last xmas show. However, there are some subtle, yet important differences :

  • Interplanet Janet (AJ’s wife) joins us
  • Fuzzy Logic (Luc) is with us as well
  • AJ and Luc’s kids are there too
  • We started drinking wine WELL before hitting record
  • The police (the law enforcement people, not the band) also join us. Seriously.

The police appearance didn’t make it into the show, so I’ll explain here :

The kids were playing with what they THOUGHT was a dead phone, dialed 911 (emergency services), and hung up. Then, 911 phoned back, so they answered and hung up. The kids alerted us, and we called 911 to tell them everything was ok. BUT, since a child made the call, they had to send the police to be sure everything was in fact ok. So a freaked-out kid and 2 rather friendly police-people later, the show was done.

I have to say that I do find it funny this happened merely minutes after a discussion where I had been called a “helicopter parent” for spending too much time making sure my kid is ok. Life is funny that way.

So in this history-making Canadian podcast, we were effectively shut down by the police (again, not the band).

In a strange twist of fate, Bob forgot to turn the recorder off, and so over 4 hours of material was recorded. Keeping true to Bob and AJ form though, only a small part ended up useful, and (thankfully) the rest stayed on the cutting room floor 🙂

So there’s our Dec 1 show – AJ refuses to call it our holiday show, leave the door ever-so-slightly opened for 2010 holiday episode. Lawyers are checking into this for us.

We’re happy you found this episode, and we’re sorry it wasn’t better 🙂 but at least we got one done for the true North strong and free!