66: Mixer go boom

Yeah, my trusty mixer we’d been using for the show that let us do all kinds of cool stuff is no more. Well, it still is, it’s just dead.

Anywho, in the spirit of putting out a show even when we couldn’t/shouldn’t here’s B&AJ 66.
Direct download here -> At just under 15 minutes, it’s one of our shortest shows..

Matt from Digital Detroit Radio professes his love
We have a great chat with CC Chapman from Accident Hash
Share the love with the CatFish Show
Jimmy from Zedcast gets his two cents in

Some of Bob’s faves from the Mostlytunes catalog this week:
Jonathan Coulton – Skullcrusher Mountain
Halloween Alaska – Call it Clear
Berman – Fall Off The Earth

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6 Responses to “66: Mixer go boom”

  1. jon from vancouver Says:

    Short but good tunes. Thanks for taking the time out to still put a show out.

  2. david whittemore Says:

    love ya. but not in, you know, a gay way.

    you freak.

  3. Arthur Says:

    So like exactly how kak’d is this mixer and what model? I’ve got some soldering gear…

  4. Matt Says:

    Get Guinness on the phone because I beat CC to posting something! Woo Hoo! Hey, Bob, why didn’t you just get it over with and splice in that I love Anne Murray and Gordon Lightfoot, too. You bastard! Just kidding. That was pretty funny. Hope you get that new mixer soon.

  5. C.C. Chapman Says:

    Matt you always crack me up dude!!! Listened to this show at 35,000 feet somewhere over the Sierras. Cracked me up!!!

  6. Krash Coarse Says:

    Bob, that was awesome despite the loss of your beloved mixer!

    Hope you get it resolved soon, if not, you can call me, I’m 15 minutes down the road 🙂