A break

We’re taking a little break..

Too many things going on right now to give the show and it’s listeners the attention they deserve.. So instead of putting out crap, we’re going to take a little breather..

See you in a few weeks.

And stay subscribed!


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6 Responses to “A break”

  1. Andy Bilodeau Says:


    Your hiatus will allow me to catch up some other podcasts that I’ve been neglecting.

    Thank you Bob and AJ for graciously taking a breather… This makes one less podcast I’m behind on!

  2. david whittemore Says:

    The bottle continues to be less than half full without Bob And AJ.

    Will the drought never end?

  3. Grant Says:

    There must be something in the air at the moment – we’ve had breaks from Top of the Pods, tartanpodcast, Bandtrax, ESAS and now you guys…

    Enjoy the breather and hope to hear you back all bouncy and refreshed whenever that may be !


  4. Steve Hunter Says:

    Have a good break guys, you surely deserve it!

    Come back all weird & refreshed, OK?

  5. aj Says:

    We are looking foward to being back with a great new show…By this week end!!


  6. jon from vancouver Says:

    Sure AJ, where’s the show eh? I’m drinking alone now…