67: New Mixer Test

New Mixer! New show! Wahoo!

The real show will be up sunday, in the meantime, we needed to test the new setup. So we did a whole show compressed into 45 seconds, and in Japanese. Let’s call it B&AJ 67.
Direct download here ->

See ya Sunday!

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6 Responses to “67: New Mixer Test”

  1. Lloyd Detroit Says:

    fsjksfdjk dajkdsajh twnltnjhgrsn fank,fasnkfsa danmdsantw4krh ahhhhhhhhhh Yes it works šŸ™‚

  2. AJ Says:


    U B SO Good too awnser,,,Tank U…U so Good!!Tank U!!


  3. Nico Says:

    ahhh! ewfihjhiu Bob and AJ! fdewwgood efjdwo!!

  4. Nico Says:

    I have to open a fortune cookie now! (i know, that’s with chinese, not japanese. But humor me, i have a whole bag of fortune cookies) Let’s see…

    “Someone is speaking well of you”


  5. Cat Says:

    In Bed!!

  6. Nico Says: