69: Yeah, I said 69.

Like a kick in the face with poofy slippers, it’s B&AJ 69!
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36 minutes.

Florida thoughts
“I’m old, I can do what I want”
NHL officiating is a joke
Don Cherry is a cock
AJ takes The Muppett Test
It's not a stapler!
The Kermit/Mocean Worker mash-up
Houses sold, packing. moving, all that fun stuff
Band of the Week : Van Halen
The inevitable Dave or Sammy discussion
Cars Premiere
Podcasters Across Borders will kick ass
Thanks Laura!

Little things everyone has:

  • Our frappr map
  • The comment line : (267)220-3701
  • Tunes this week:
    Hello Nurse – The last to know
    Dave Keegan – Do that again
    Spero – Innocence

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    3 Responses to “69: Yeah, I said 69.”

    1. Karen Says:

      Hey Guys,

      Just to let you know, I, like Laura, LOVE YOUR SHOW. Don’t change a thing or make it girl friendly, haha. It’s like a secret look into what men do and say when they hang out.

      Always funny, always clever and I never have to fast forward through the music, because it’s always good.


    2. aj Says:

      Thanks Karen!

      We will keep it as is!!


    3. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:

      Hey Guys, Awesome show. Well now that we’re all out of the payoffs we can concentrate on other pastimes: GO-lf LEAFS! GO-lf LEAFS!

      I totally agree with the Don “The Cock” Cherry statement. Where have you gone Howie Meeker?!? (“Now that’s hockey!”)

      As for the Dave/Sammy debate. For me there was no Van Halen after Dave. He may be a bit of a dink but he’s a hellava showman.

      Nice “69” there boys…(not that there’s anything wrong with that)

      Cheers, – Bruce