70: Habs in 2007!

Our LAST EVER Skype show! Here’s B&AJ 70…
Direct download here ->
32 minutes.

Good luck finding a Habs game in Georgia
Elvis works at subway
Habs out 🙁 Who to pick now?
The truth about the last French Swear word
AJ and Interplanet Janet argue about the Band of the week : Depeche Mode
Show notes..
More show notes…
Interesting bit on Zee and Zed #27

That’s it – no more Skype shows, that’s a promise to ME, from ME!

The comment line : (267)220-3701

Tunes this week:
Mighty Mystic – Heart of a Lion
A Thousand Cures – White Top Cadillac

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One Response to “70: Habs in 2007!”

  1. Nico Says:

    It was all a lie?! How can i believe anything you guys say now? Is AJ really not gay? Is CC Chapman only an invention of Bob? Is Bruce Murray a real person or just a cardboard cutout?

    So many questions…