72: Baby, if you’ve been a wonderin’

As God is my witness, I thought Bob & AJ could fly..

Direct download here -> 43.2 minutes.

Interplanet Janet available for Voice Work
No one’s bought a Thong yet
French swear words on signs all over town
The one red paper clip trade-up guy
Bob wants a Japanese game-show channel
Obscure track of the week : Friends of Mr Cairo
According to the Poll, most of you (55%) would slap W.
We look at Jameswedding pictures
New Poll:
If you could shag anyone, who would it be?
Exhibit A: Mélissa Theuriau
I'd staple it!

CBC: It’s time to Fire Bob Cole
Go Oilers!
AJ’s speeding ticket
AJ & Bob in court
Yummy Yummy
Try the new comment-leaving-machine-thing

Next week, we split the atom, and each take half home.

Did we mention we’re attending
Podcasters Across Borders?
Check out our frappr map and put your pin in..

Tunes from mostlytunes this week:

ActionReaction – Bang Bang
Mr E – Something to say
Dala – 20 Something

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4 Responses to “72: Baby, if you’ve been a wonderin’”

  1. Richard Says:

    There’s only one answer to your Poll Of The Week question:



    Ooo la la

  2. AJ Says:

    I see what you mean Richard!!
    Thanks for the links.


  3. Grant Says:

    Has this Melissa woman had a nose job ? Look very closely at the left nostril (on the right as you look at the pics). Hmmmm.

    She reminds me too much of Victoria (Talentless Anorexic Clotheshorse) Beckham in some of those pics in Richard’s links, so I’m afraid that’s her out of the reckoning.

    On the other hand, keeping it French, it HAS to be Audrey Tautou in her ‘Amelie’ period. Fffwoaaaa…. haud me back !!!!!

  4. nlinus Says:

    I made sure to vote for the bob cole thing. I don’t care one way or another, but as I wrote on the petition: “If Bob and AJ say he should be gone then so be it.”