74: Phonograph Blues

We were standing at the crossroads, and Robert Johnson inspired us to record B&AJ 73!

Direct download here -> 38ish minutes.

Wierd start to this one, should have started recording earlier, and drinking later…

Will anything you’ve done be here in 74 years?
Audio comment from George W. (courtesy AndyCast)
Bob has a blog, AJ won’t…. ever, apparently…
AJ & Bob on 4-track casette, 14 years ago
We get shit about voting on that place
The bad Yahoo review isn’t really from Marcus
According to the Poll of the week, most of you would shag Drew Barrymore
New Poll: Favourite food Geography
Australian vs New Zealand during a pour
AJ finally sees the cowbell sketch
I got a fever
Ontario Porn
We’re moving, We’re conferencing, We’re meeting up
….We will likely be back in July.. maybe before…
Were The Police were the british Rush ?
Other 3 piece bands:
– Cream
– Triumph
– ??

We will see you at Podcasters Across Borders!!

Tunes from mostlytunes this week:

Two Ton Shoes – The Fall
The Shrugs – Fuck all to Do
The Peter Roy Project – Tomorrow

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12 Responses to “74: Phonograph Blues”

  1. Karen Says:

    Clearly “sweeps month” is a joke…obviously…which is why we mocked it on our show. Nonetheless, you’ll still get your penguin A.J.

    See you in Kingston.

  2. C.C. Says:

    I’m glad someone else busted your balls about all the pimping!

    Ontario Porn? THIS I can’t wait to hear explained.

  3. Mark Says:

    Okay… this I have to weigh in on. The Police a British Rush? I don’t think so. The Police had finesse that Rush replaced with flash.

    And, while you’re talking quintessential trios, what about ZZ Top? How about a tour of ZZ, Cream and the Police? Okay, Rush can be the opening act.

    If you need someone to play Spirits on the bass for you, let me know.

  4. Rob Says:

    Good show, but “SHUDDER”.The cowbell talk remined me of Adam “The Twit” Curry.

    I finally gave up on his podcasts a while back and that cowbell talk brought back all those bad memories and wasted time.

    Too bad he’s ruined that cowbell skit for me.

  5. Bob Says:

    I was afraid of that Rob.. It crossed my mind as we were talking about it..

    But you know what, I think the cowbell skit is strong enough even to survive Curry.. Especially when watched in a flow of Best of Will Ferrel SNL sketches.. and I could watch Christopher Walken read the phone book and really enjoy it..

    I promise to avoid Curry-overlap from now on.. though having not listened since Feb 2005.. I’m not sure how I can avoid it.. Good thing he avoids topics 🙂

  6. Rob Says:

    That’s true. He just kind of rambles. I kept listening to his podcast to kind of keep up on what was going on in the podcasting world overall. Then he just went nuts with his own cowbell somebody gave him, to the point of actually hit in during songs that did not have cowbell, because he thought they should have cow bell.

    So I sent him a nice email, very polite asking him to stop cause it was really anoying.

    Then he made fun of my email and did it even more. Real mature. So I unsubribed and have been “Curry-Free” (I should make t-shirts, there might be some marketing oppotuinty there) for months now.

    The good news it that it gave me more time to subrscibe to other great podcasts like High Orbit, the many Insomnia Radio Regional shows, etc. .

  7. Grant Says:

    “Curry – a real ring-stinger” – and don’t go making t-shirts out of that and not paying me royalties like Mark Hunter and my ‘Mark Hunter Washed My Windows’ slogan 😉

    AJ – where did you work in a bar in Scotland ?

    Hope the moves go well and catch you two afterwards.

  8. jon from vancouver Says:

    Ha-ha, someone should make a t-shirt with “Curry Free” on the front. I haven’t listened to that rambling man since last year. I thought I would listen to keep up with podcasting, but that was over a year ago.

    I’ve been listening to the same ones for a long time. The main reason is finding time to listen. And now with many video podcasts, I need to sit down and watch them. So there goes that extra time.

    Great show guys.

  9. Richard Says:

    Enjoy your holidays and I hope the respectives house moves go smoothly. I found the following bumper sized trans-Atlantic rock extravaganza featuring CC for your delectation:




  10. AJ Says:

    Hey Grant,

    Sorry about the long delay. I’m movin and buildin so no time for me or my Podcasting friends!!

    Worked at the Kings bar near the links(Brunstfield hotel)…

    All the best…AJ

  11. Grant Says:

    Wow – just beside my soon-to-be-ex-in-laws !!

    I’ve been in there a few times, but probably not when you were there.

    Hope things are going well and you’ve ben enjoying the time in Kingston.

    Cheers !

  12. Craig@Tangents Says:

    I grew up wanking to Bleu Nuit on TQS when I was living in Ottawa.

    CityTV’s Baby Blue isn’t as good because City doesn’t have any Tapis Supreme commercials…