See you in Boston!

Bob + Boston = Wahoo!
podcamp Boston

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4 Responses to “See you in Boston!”

  1. Chris Brogan... Says:

    This is great! Are you joining any of the other Montreal folks coming down? Are you all car pooling? : )

    –Chris from PodCamp

  2. Cat Says:

    Bob – Cat + (Mark + Julien + 1 car) = Podcamp.

    I am sooooo sad 🙁

  3. Allen Says:

    Bob, hope you are back on the 11th.. Hockey starts at 8:30pm…


  4. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:

    >Bob – Cat + (Mark + Julien + 1 car) =

    >I am sooooo sad 🙁

    You know what they say…While the mice are away the Cat will play! (or something like that). Have fun guys, (and Cat)
    – Bruce