Episode II: The Yearning

Our 2nd consecutive show! Here it is: RSS or MP3 23267328 bytes

This week’s show (~ 32 minutes):

  • Bob can’t type a bloody phone number properly
  • comments & answers
  • the Floaty-boobs video auditions
  • Julien’s in over your head podcast
  • NHL-only non-RIAA Music
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • podcat’s daily best of podcasting
  • support independent music (try GarageBand )
  • AJ realizes his kids have taken over
  • The Chick ponders breast implants – not for lesbians?

NHL-City music featured this week:

Sarah Fimm – Paradise (nice picture on the page, Thanks Sarah!)
Pacer – Maximum Security (nice website too)
Winston – Bottom of the World (or is it Winston_Canada ?)

Background Music:

Show suggestions? We love comments, emails and voice mails.. See you next week!

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6 Responses to “Episode II: The Yearning”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    A second show. Good going. Nice to have a bit with the chick. I guess Cathy. Sure sounded like a frustrated lesbian in denial, wishing for fake boobs of her own…. with a great radio voice, and apparently great radio boobs.

    Saline is salt water and is heavier than regular water and has a lower freezing point. So it shouldn’t float or freeze. Just so you know.

    AJ, just remind your wife, that no less than 150 years ago, people would have sex in the same room as their kids.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Jason Says:

    Welcome to the Non-RIAA family of Musical Podcasters…or something like that….

    Hey, fantastic show you guys, honestly. The production makes me want to wet my pants…looking very much forward to more…
    Insomnia Radio

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Anonymous

    Thanks for the boost – its great to hear from interested fans.

    I didn’t think fake boobs would freeze (thanks for confirming that!)

    So I really don’t understand how the Wrestler chick said her implants were frozen! Maybe they weren’t breast implants??

    Keep listening and we love to have comments

    The Chick!

  4. Jason Says:

    Hey Bob & AJ;
    I enjoyed your discussion about the perils of unsigned bands, garageband, etc…

    Much to say regarding these issues. On my show I did A “Garageband Festivus” and since then most of my tracks come from there…I’m amazed at the response these bands have when you seek them out requesting permission. It’s usually a glowing, enthusiastic Yes! (BTW, have you noticed how many bands from Canada are in the charts?? I’m thinking of doing a garageband ‘from canada’ show!)

    Question: I’m still perfecting the way I approach bands…do you even drop the word “podcast” or do you just mention an “Internet Radio show?” haha…We, the musical podcasters, REALLY need to hook up on Skype or something and have a braindump…interested???

    AWESOME stuff guys…keep it up…
    Insomnia Radio

  5. Jason Says:

    Me once more…do you guys subscribe to IndieFeed? (YOU BETTER! Lol) I featured Winston on the Alt/Modern Rock channel a few days back, and it was cool to hear them on your show as well..

    Ok, no more comments..promise.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Jason,

    Interplanet Janet here. Just to let you know that I contacted Sarah Fimm on behalf of AJ and said that it was for a podcast. She wrote back saying that she appreciated the exposure and it’s all about getting the music out there. Hope that helps.

    Cathy, I think when the wrestler chick said her implants were frozen, it was a comment on the temperature, as in “It’s so could out here, it feels as though my implants are frozen.” There’s no way they’d freeze for real. Talk to you soon.