76: B&AJ Flashback Xmas 2005 show

As the lawyers continue the negociations….
From Dec 18th 2005, it’s not just any replayed to death Xmas show, it’s B&AJ 59!
Direct download here -> 42.5 minutes

Xmas-y background music by Norbert Kujus
the first dusting of snow of the year
The Amazing Race comes to Montreal
and makes Interplanet Janet rant
April is hurt 🙁
The not-lost postcard explanation
CC’s snowstorm shot:
Sunsets on Snow
Favorite Beatle poll results:

* John Lennon: 29%
* Paul McCartney: 32%
* George Harrison: 21%
* Ringo Starr: 4%
* Pete Best: 0%
* Stu Sutcliffe: 4%
* Peter Stormare from “Million Dollar Hotel”: 4%
* George Martin: 4%
* The Dead One: 4%

Our yearly mashup: American Edit
Aaron from “The Peg” comment
Retro clip: Babelfish Xmas tune from Xmas 2004
The best xmas phone comment EVAR
longest show ending we’ve had in a while

New poll: Hardest person to buy for..

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Braintree – Mercy
Arthur Yoria – Permanent from Magnatune
Christa Couture – Jessica Grey Buy it here!

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6 Responses to “76: B&AJ Flashback Xmas 2005 show”

  1. david whittemore Says:

    they live!

  2. david whittemore Says:


  3. C.C. Chapman Says:

    What a tease!!! I love ya, but…….come on guys!!!! Get back in the game. Even just one more show. I’ll take it once every couple of months but do it!!!

  4. AJ Says:

    thanks BOB!!!
    Love the tease!!


  5. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:

    I had forgotten how much I missed you guys until I heard those ice cubes clinking and your infectious laughter. The Bob & AJ Show is all that is right about Buddy-Casts.

    “Please Sir…I want some more”.

    Happy Holidays from your buddy, – Bruce

  6. Travis Says:

    We miss you guys looking forward to some new shows. I keep looking at the tabloids around here to get a glance unto your mystery time off…ya know…who’s sleeping with who…who went out in public without makeup…yadd a yadda yadda…and nothing, somehow you’ve both avoided the paparazzi and tabloids…kudos. So please, come on back to the realm of the podcast. We all miss you and you’re rum induced ramblings. Happy new years and whatnot.

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