77: The boys are back in town

Enough of this flashback crap! Here’s B&AJ 77!

Direct download here -> 41ish minutes.

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Trucker Bill gets us going
new theme by our buddy Mark Blevis
thanks to everyone (named and not) for your support
Rum-less and almost beer-less
New setup
News on AJ’s House
Bob’s apology to AJ and Scarborough Dude
The planet is broken
An Inconvenient Truth
Weather fixations
How AJ’s project car is coming
Jumping the Shark
Custody Story (from Mike Boone’s Eeeemail)
Ozean means Ocean, apparently
Next week: AJ gives away a T-shirt!!

Tunes from mostlytunes this week:

Back in a week or 2..Send us audio comments, emails and other stuff!

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21 Responses to “77: The boys are back in town”

  1. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:


    The Laughter is BACK! Music fans and liquor stores are rejoicing around the land!

    I could hear the lack of alchohol and the timid words for the first minute or so but then WHAM! the boys were back in town, and it was as if you had never left. By the time the Cool Waters Band started playing I was smiling from a ear to ear and air guitaring all over the room.

    You guys definitely never “Jumped the Shark”. And even managed to get in a shot at the Leafs first night back! I love it!

    Wonderful to have you both back in my ear buds. Always subscribed, always listening,- Bruce (The Zedcast)

  2. bobgoyetche.com » Blog Archive » The wait is over Says:

    […] 77: The boys are back in townSo AJ & I were on the phone?76: B&AJ Flashback Xmas 2005 show […]

  3. April Says:

    yay!!! trav and I listened to you guys before bed last night…. very happy to see you all back, since you were like one of two podcasts i ever actually listened to!

  4. Scarborough Dude Says:

    What great way to start of the week – the year! So happy to have you guys back again- it’s like there was a big piece of the puzzle missing, and nothing else would fit in it’s place.
    BTW Bob, Microbrewaries are small, but do not necessarily employ only midgets. Rest assured there will be fresh supplies of Hockley delivered to PAB, and this time I’ll make sure AJ gets his share!

  5. tom Says:

    Ahhhhh….. Yes. Fi. Na. Lly.

    Well done, guys. It was great to hear you again. Great music too.

  6. Rob in Aus Says:

    Just as I was looking at all the dried up podcasts I’ve subscribed to, wondering if I should clear them off, here comes Bob & AJ. Glad to have you guys back.

    A little bit of the world returns to normal.


  7. Andycast Andy Says:


    Great to hear da boyz back on the air…errr…interweb…ahh…netcasting again…


    Like Bruce said, it’s like you didn’t have the 38 week break.

    Great show!

    Andy Bilodeau

  8. ~Tara~ Says:

    Thanks for Playing “To be and Angel”
    Great show! Welcome back!

    lead singer of “Uncle Seth”

  9. Alasdair Says:

    Welcome back gents! Long time overdue.

    But what’s with the cold turkey – no rum?

  10. Nico Says:

    It’s good to have the show back! Sucks that i couldn’t be there, but you are coming to Bob’s before i leave, right AJ? You better, I met your mom and not you…

    Bob, you had the same amount of beers as me, so it’s your fault as well! There are a couple of Coke Blaks in the fridge, you could have had that 😉

  11. Rick Rajchel Says:

    Sweet Canadien music to my ears. Tabernack??? Trying to remember my French swear words here.

    The Cool Waters Band

  12. Dave Boob Says:

    Many of us doubted, but THEY ARE BACK! Welcome home to Internet-Radio-On-Demand-Land (I know you’re a stickler with “podcast” Bob).


  13. Grant Says:

    Wow – you sneaked in past my podcatcher (it seems to be playing up and not registering new shows as unplayed, so the count was showing zero for Bob & AJ. I can’t WAIT to listen tomorrow – it’s a real treat to have you back again 🙂

  14. Grant Says:

    Oh and by the way – LOOK AT THAT CLUSTRMAP !!! Holy toley – how on earth did you get that many hits in the space of 9 days ? You must be the most popular podcast on the planet 🙂

  15. Trucker Bill Says:

    I was so overjoyed when I saw a NEW show! and then to listen to it…..

    WOW I had forgot what a kick butt podcast was all about! Many Many thanks to you and A.J for making such a kick ASS show…..

  16. Charles Cadenhead Says:

    All I can say is “wow!” 😉

  17. Bob Says:

    What a response! Seriously friends, I’m speechless.


  18. James from Regina Says:

    Welcome back. It’s so retro these days in Canadian podcast. Broca’s Area and now Bob and AJ. It’s like January 2006 all over again!

    Here’s to many more shows!

  19. Kimberly Says:

    Enjoyed the show. I’m going to have to go back and listen to some past shows to catch up. And be very careful at work. Bosses frown when you blow up keyboards because you’ve spit your coffee all over them. 🙂

  20. AJ Says:

    I also have to thank you all…I’m glad we came back!!!


  21. Krash Coarse Says:

    My, but it’s good to hear you guys again! And in fine form, too! Thanks for finding time to entertain us.

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