83: Sex and Farm equipment

Bob and AJ, Circa 1986
Bob and AJ – 1986

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A slow start to a Funk Show
Scarborough Dude‘s Creemore Ale
Wine Bottle screw tops
Dylan doesn’t hear a who anymore
Sorry Sam, for massacre-ing your name
AJ talks racing again
Bruce tells us Steve’s racing podcast is back
Tetes a claques become Vertigo Candy shlocks
Grand Canyon Skywalk

Jimmy‘s Fishy Logic
Habs when we still had hope 🙁
Sidney Crosby is a classy guy
John Deere record from Dinosaur Gardens

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5 Responses to “83: Sex and Farm equipment”

  1. Nico Says:

    Don’t mind the name, the Montecarlo was friggin ugly! I just did some googling and I found out that apparently Toyota is using the Camry for Nascar. Camry?! The Montecarlo was ugly but at least it was big and powerful. The Camry makes me think of grocery shopping.

  2. Ken Wiesedeppe Says:

    Goddam, boys!!! Y’all just made me lose it laughing at the office!! I’m still wiping tears away. Nothing runs like a Deere, eh?


  3. Lucas Says:

    Lol! Hooooooly Crap! That had to be one of, if not THE funniest show. John Deere…oh boy…i’m still laughing, and it’s been 4 hours since I listened to it!

  4. Lucas Says:

    Ok, you got me…i’m not still laughing…but I am on the inside…on the inside.

  5. AJ Says:

    Ken and Lucas..

    Thanks Man!!Bob and I almost died doing that, so it’s all worth it!!


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