90: Boxers or Briefs

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Unrelated picture
Ball-Park audio – lots of room tone
A Skype call-in show
Amaya from Uncle Seth stops stalking to call in
Boxers or Briefs ?
Bruce Murray runs in
Longtime listener Dan Gentry : boxers
Quebec last names for wives
Whitney Hoffman in pre Podcamp-Philly mode
Trends in podcasting chat with Tommy Vallier
Connie Crosby drops in to say Hi
Will we reach 100 by xmas?
Bob’s brain age
Tunes from mostlytunes this week:

Mucho Maestro – Light Bulb In The Sky

Scott Albert Johnson – Hollywood

Thanks for all the calls, we’re going to expand on this and get you topics ahead of time… This is going to be fun!

Bob’s going to Podcamp Boston2, are you?

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2 Responses to “90: Boxers or Briefs”

  1. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Always such a treat to hear you guys back at it – like hearing the voices of long lost friends. Hmmm, guess that’s exactly what it is eh.

    You ask boxes or briefs – but you didn’t give the ‘go commando’ option. Anyway, I can see what you’re up to – drumming up sales for the Bob & AJ thong again! Scoundrels!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Great show, I like the call in format. Look forward to more.
    AJ, I didn’t hear what your reaction to the Busch race was. I had a b’day party going on that day and could only catch it here and there. The Other Gordon sure made a fool of himself – as usual! I’m almost on an hourly count down for the NH Cup race. Should be a great race, Smoke does well there.
    Bob, great idea to bring the family to Boston with you. Lots to do, even if it’s wet. Some of the Trolley tours should still be running and there are always museums to check out such as The Childrens Musuem for Simon. That’s a short walk to Faunal Hall/Quincy Market (pronounced Fan nul Hall/Qin zee Ma ket) which is a great place to get something to eat.
    PS – my choice is boxers but I wear bikinis.

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