92: Octoberfest

Wow! another month, another show – how time flies!
Direct download here -> 42 minutes.
Online player:

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Bob and AJ 92

  • Bob on the radio to discuss podcasting
  • The boys, the phone etc…
  • AJ’s into Live Eighty Eight Five
  • Interplanet Janet’s in a play again
  • Bob’s foot complaints
  • AJ’s phone
  • Help us with our movie trailer
  • Music talk
  • We broke down
  • AJ sold his car
  • Yahoo podcasting site dead
  • Happy Birthday AJ’s mom!
  • Scorpions
  • Aerosmith Sappy tunes
  • Songs we don’t understand
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Weather talk

Tunes from mostlytunes this week:

Moby Noor – Car Door Closes

Zeptepi – The End

Junoon – Nachoon Gi

Probably a few weeks until the next show, but you’re used to that by now… See you soon-ish!

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12 Responses to “92: Octoberfest”

  1. Nico Says:

    The fact that toilets flush the other way in the southern hemisphere is a myth. It’s based on a true physical fact, but the practical effects are negligible. Trust me, I flushed tolilets both sides of the equator.

  2. Dutch Says:


    The mp3 download is linked to show 91 ?
    The player plays the correct show though .

    Show 100 by Easter? Keep them coming!

  3. AJ Says:

    hey all!

    Just a quick note on that show…The Ongoing history of New Music on live 88.5…

    The actual link(as a found out from Janet,as it is not on the live 88.5 website) is http://www.ongoinghistory.com and the host is Alan Cross, it’s also a podcast.

    sorry man…AJ..

  4. Jokester Says:

    haha great show guys, haven’t commented in ages but just thought id let you know theres probably at least 9 listeners !

  5. Patrick Says:

    “It’s our lot in life. It’s not a lot but it’s life”. That’s from “A Bug’s Life”.

  6. AJ Says:

    Thanks Patrick….

  7. Benjamin Says:

    Hey guys, I think this is the first time I’ve left a comment. It’s nice to hear another show – I’ve now listened to all your previous shows (sometimes several per day while doing boring things at work) and now I’m out of archived shows and have to wait for new shows like the other 6 listeners. Makes me appreciate them even more. Honestly I really like your show and it’s nice to hear your kids come in and interrupt.
    Many shows back (& on the Catfish Show too) you talked about Survivor a few times and I came to the conclusion that that is one reason why I like your shows so much – you are ordinary people willing to put yourself on the stage, so to speak, and talk about your real lives. You are a reality show! It’s kinda weird since on one level I feel like I know you guys, even though you don’t know a thing about me, while on another level you are celebrities to your listeners. I don’t watch Oprah, I see the Daily Show occasionally but I listen to every epiode of the Bob and AJ Show.
    Anyway, thanks for hours of entertainment.

    I checked out the Scorpions website and, via Wikipedia, found a website you may find interesting – the Museum of Bad Album Covers at http://www.zonicweb.net/badalbmcvrs/index.htm
    Geez, some shockers there!


  8. AJ Says:

    Holy Cow Benjamin!!!!

    Thanks for the comment…REALLY!!
    All this makes me feel like we still do this for a reason…


  9. Phil V Says:

    Hey Guys,
    It’s your ol’ buddy Phil from Cow-girlee (err…through St.Eustache) Can I be listener number 10..please..please..please. Anywoo. Love the show. As you were talking about bands from the past, I had the misfortune (well, you see, my wife wanted to see them so I got her the ticket for her birthday)of seeing Def Leppard live at the Saddledome. Yikes..What a cluster-f**k. Maybe because I’m old..Maybe because they’re old…It was just bad. Styx on the other had who opened the show, tottally freakin’ rocked. Figures. I’m still a huge fan of 80’s type rock with a prog feel to it, thus still listening to Dream Theater lots. There new album Systematic Chaos is amazing. I would suggest giving it a listen if you want to hear fresher, tastier version of say…1987. There’s just so much to listen to out there..Where to start. Again, love the show boys…It’s like being in TwoMo for an hour every month or so..So..Thanks!

  10. Rob from Halifax Says:

    hey guys,
    great show..

    Interesting topic of conversation, IS PODCASTING DEAD? I don’t think it is dead or ever will die. I just believe it has gotten out to the audience that will listen and won’t find the growth it did the past. Unfortunitly podcasting is still a foregn and complicated thing for some people. Sad really. I have tried and tried to convert all my friends, but I’ve only been able to convert 2 of my 13 or so friends to regular listeners of podcasting.

    On the band side, I think Bob mentioned that there weren’t any bands out there with the 80s style guitars. I would suggest The Darkness as one 80s style guitar rocking band http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Darkness

    Keep up the good shows, you do have more then 7 fan, maybe 8 or 9 actually ;).

  11. Kimberly Says:

    OK, I guess I’m the 12th listener. Love you shows, probably because you are real people. You have family’s, jobs and stuff happens and you just let us know.
    And the music isn’t bad either. My work computer is not set up for sound, so I can’t listen to anything and my home computer has to be shared with my husband and Younger.
    The Areosmith song you mentioned was also played to death on the country music scene. It got to the point that I would scream everytime I heard the intro and punch out my radio.
    I’m pulling for y’all to have 100 shows before next May but I’ll understand as my life has started to spin into outerspace and my ‘free’ time has been reduced to 2 seconds before I face plant in bed.
    AJ, what do you think about NASCAR’s current chase? I’m not liking it so much this year. Too many driver’s are now locked out and I’m not thrilled with the 2 that are battling it out for the trophy. Oh well, only 2 more races left, then I can transition over to the Patriots. Once the Superbowl is over I can take over the TV on Sunday’s again.
    As for ‘babysitting’ the kids, please don’t call it that. It’s being a parent.
    You are babysitting when
    A) they are not yours and B) you get paid to do it.
    Husband quickly learned that I would not let him ‘babysit’. However, he could be the responsible adult who chose to be there for them.

  12. 92: Octoberfest Says:

    […] 92: Octoberfest Yahoo podcasting site dead. Happy Birthday AJ’s mom! Scorpions. Aerosmith Sappy tunes. Songs we don’t understand. Autumn Leaves. Weather… […]

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