94: Funky Thang

A cold january night, some (ok, maybe a bit more than some) nice rum, good friends, and FUNK! what else do you need?

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Bob and AJ 94
  • Funky Thing from Larry Ellis and Black Hammer (from Dinosaur Gardens)
  • Morrie’s 2007 highlight
  • Jesse : Male or Female?
  • Get notifcations by email
  • deep thought “new year -> new hopes”
  • AJ looks through PodcastPickle
  • Is Alasdair still listening?
  • Should we just do what we want?
  • Mark Blevis’ Slingshot
  • Julien Smith’s prolific output, and jewish girls
  • We have no clue
  • 100 shows by PAB08 ?
  • The John Deer bit
  • local dj Terry Dimonte heads west
  • AJ now has satellite radio – but doesn’t activate it
  • The kiss: bob and aj 94

Tunes this week that might one day appear on Mostlytunes.com:

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7 Responses to “94: Funky Thang”

  1. Alasdair Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Of course I’m still listening.

    We’re about to record AP#94 today so you’re losing your episode lead. Perhaps more frequent Bob & AJ’s could rectify that.

    Hope all is well with the families.


  2. AJ Says:




  3. AJ Says:


    what cheap drugs (or Rum) was I on when I wrote that!
    What I meant to say was,

    Alasdair, thank you for the comment and the good point.


  4. Ennev Says:

    I’m here too, i don’t plan on stoping.

    Sorry if you don’t see me on pickle I never go there and haven’t visited podcast alley in ages, i remember year ago when i used to go vote every month!

  5. Bill Deys Says:

    Guys, I still listen to the show and love seeing new episodes! Either way you take the show I’ll stay subscribed! And the Rum was not from me, I do want a good drink of Rum now and Woods is a tradition in my family during the holidays. Too bad it’s WAY to early to start drinking and not the best thing to be doing at work! Take care guys and have fun!

  6. Trucker Bill Says:

    Hey !!

    I have left you guys a few Voice mails, you must have not checked it yet !!

    Another GREAT show, you really need to keep them comming!

    And A.J need to talk more about NASCAR.

    What do you think about Dale Jr. driving for Mr. Hendrick ?

  7. Rick Rajchel Says:

    Dear God…that John Deere bit was the most ridiculously funny thing I’ve heard in a long time….Tabernac?? It’s like all the R&B songs of the 60s where they all had sexual inuendo, but none of the old people knew what the hell was going on. All that mounting, and curved bucket bottom talk got me wound up…LOL. Nice to hear you two being crazy again.

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