96: Cabin Fever inspiration

3 in a month! life don’t get better than that, eh?

Direct download here -> 64 freaking minutes.
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Bob and AJ 96

  • BEER RUN!!
  • NASCAR Talk for Trucker Bill
  • Bad 80’s cars
  • Triumph Update
  • Jeepsters
  • Acknowledging comments
  • Show 100 plans. what to do?
  • Where’s Rick in the Cool Waters band video
  • AJ the businessman
  • schlong extenders
  • Ozzy’s voiceover work
  • AJ loves his satellite radio
  • Scarborough Dude‘s japan concert stories
  • Windscreen discussion
  • Bob will see you at Podcamp Toronto

Tunes this week that might one day appear on Mostlytunes.com:

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9 Responses to “96: Cabin Fever inspiration”

  1. Scarborough Dude Says:

    That’s gotta be a new record! Just 20 seconds into your show and I’ve already got a tear in my eye! That ‘I’m gonna miss you papa’ was priceless!! Keep that clip forever Bob- you won’t be hearing those 10 years from now- not like that one anyway… A gem!!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Great show, again dudes. Just what I needed after being laid up for 3 months.
    Just a request though, y’all need to put a warning disclaimer at the start to pause so that the listeners can put down and/or finish any food or drink so damage does not happen to expensive electronics.

  3. Trucker Bill Says:

    Another GREAT show !

    now about the Rice Grinders…

    I know that they are made here, but does the money stay here ? or does it go back there ?

    And I really REALLY did not want Tony Stewart to Win, so my wish came through!

    Thanks Guys !

  4. Jessie Says:

    Hey guys,

    Great to see some new shows up, I checked a few times with disappointing results; but don’t worry you made up with quantity this month.

    Regarding Episode 94, I am a guy my name is actually Jessie, I just tend to drop the “i” most of the time. I think the most common usage for a guy is Jesse.

    Anyhow keep it up, ill be listening!

    oh and if you do end up just playing more toonage, I wouldn’t mind haha

  5. Stefan Says:

    Finally more shows again!

    I want more?

    Why don’t you have any polls anymore on your website?


    Just a note because you wondered how to prounce my name:
    The S before a T in German is pronounced “Sh” like in ship, not “St” like in Stewart.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Wikipedia you fools!


    Ok, fools was a bit harsh but hey fun show.

  7. Bob Says:

    You’re right Pat –
    And I promise, from now on, I’ll go to wikipedia before Scarborough Dude… Oh the trouble that would be avoided if we all did that :)…


  8. Ennev Says:

    You know what guys, I’m starting to believe that you’ll that you’ll reach 100 in 2008 !!

    Yipée !!

  9. Benjamin Franzmayr Says:

    Good show guys, always enjoyable! Just in case you’re worried about putting out an hour long show – don’t be, it’s all good. I like ’em long!!! (no gayness intended)

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