97:The Bob and Scratchy Show

Recorded before Bob’s trip to Florida, and published after! What a time saver!

Direct download here -> 61.23 lovely minutes.
Online player:

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  • Ducttape Guy Comment
  • Disconnected from kidless friends
  • Comments reviewed
  • Kimberly: 3months? What happened?
  • More polls on the way
  • Can chickens fly?
  • Toronto: 197 foot goal
  • Release party imbibed audio comments
  • Bob’s New Brunswick adventures
  • Snow fatigue (450cm = 177inches)
  • Fuzzy Logic’s Air I Don’t Care
  • Bob’s Tune-a-month project
  • Send us a picture or booze
  • AJ saw Linkin Park
  • Bands engaging the crowd
  • AJ’s emotional tunes

Tunes that might one day appear on Mostlytunes.com:

  • China Doll from KINGDOMFORAKISS (email us for contact info)
  • Southern Bend from Bob Goyetche (Who?)
  • Underground from Delilah Why
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6 Responses to “97:The Bob and Scratchy Show”

  1. Nico Says:

    I don’t get overwhelmed as you, AJ, but there certainly are songs that can bring back vivid memories. Scents work better for me too. It’s weird, right before I listened to the show I was at a drugstore and the perfume of the lady next to me brought very vivid memories of someone I haven’t seen in a while now.

    Oh and btw, Linkin Park? Dude, come on…

  2. John Meadows Says:

    Read this story this morning about Air Canada bumping a corpse off a plane (delaying the funeral) in favour of luggage, and immediately thought of the fuzzy logic segment from the last show:


  3. Fuzzy Says:

    I don’t get. I vented my frustrations about Air I don’t Care and I see Bob (through the magic of computer wizzardery) has used my new airline name to link to what. what. what. Air Fucking Canada. How dare you Bob? I would have been impressed if thruogh this link, people would have access to the Air fucking Canada, but the logo and company name would be (again through the magic of computer wizzardery) changed as per my suggestion, or once the person reach the Air Fucking Canada site, it would jump to WestJet in the next 3 seconds.

  4. Fuzzy Says:

    I want to appologize for my poor use of language in my previous post. I should not have used the words “Air Fucking Canada”. I should have used “Air Fuck Canadians” I like it.

  5. Jessie Says:

    I fully agree with you Fuzzy, I think most Canadians would agree as well. The stupid part is that company should have gone under more then once but the government keeps bailing them out.

    anyhow, good show, and music, I have faith that you can make 100 soonish!

    I checked out Mostly Toons, now im addicted. Not sure why I never listened to it before. so I will be making a list of music finds that I think might help with your attempt to hit 50. adios!

  6. Trucker Bill Says:

    Bob, GREAT song!!

    When you get enough songs to make a CD, I will buy it !!

    And I still hate Rice Grinders….

    Just putting that one out there !

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