98: 2 to go!

Recorded last night.. I hope AJ doesn’t fall flat on his face when he sees it’s already up…
Direct download here -> 37 or so minutes.
Online player:

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Golf Sens!

Seriously Ottawa people, WTF ?

  • New theme
  • AJ notices lack of Ottawa support
  • Will there be a beer shortage ?
  • Thanks for the comments and phone calls
  • No more cat licking
  • Thanks all for nice response to Bob’s tune
  • Kimberly’s better! Yay!
  • Trucker Bill – 2 calls!
  • Math teacher AJ
  • AJ’s current book – Left for Dead
  • Hot lamp
  • The China thing
  • Podcasters Across Borders – register now!
  • Ideas for 100?

Tunes that might one day appear on Mostlytunes.com:

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7 Responses to “98: 2 to go!”

  1. Allen Says:

    So I had a good laugh, just reading the show notes.. no more licking Cat.. Poor Cat. I had to listen to the show just to see what the heck.. I knew it couldn’t be what I was thinking…

  2. Rob (Purl Diving's "Tech Guy") Says:

    Hey, Bob, AJ,

    There seems to be a hiccup on the mp3 at the 17:00 minute mark. When iTunes downloaded it, the file was only 15.6 MB and it stopped at 17:00.

    I then downloaded all 34.4 MB of it directly from the link on the shownotes, renamed it to match the filename in iTunes and replaced it in the library folder for your podcast.

    Now, it shows the right length (37:29) in iTunes and plays past the 17:00 mark… except that if you try to drag the slider past 17:00, it jumps back and starts playing again from 17:00.

    Now I just need to put it back on my mp3 player (just a generic player, not an iPod; Katherine has an iPod which is why we use iTunes) and see if it’s OK there.

  3. Administrator Says:

    Interesting Rob – thanks for letting us know…

    it seems to be ok on my “test itunes”.. the file seems to play fine..

    Let me know what you find,

    anyone else have problems with the file?

  4. Scarborough Dude Says:

    You guys are on a roll now, and may actually make show 100 in time for PAB. I’d be interested to hear you guys talk about the ‘celebrations’ in Montreal after the last Habs victory. Can’t imagine what might happen if they went on to win the Cup!

  5. Ennev Says:

    Oui, j’Ennerve 🙂

    J’aime le nouveau theme!! Pour le 100ieme ramener l’ancien juste pour une fois 😉

  6. Ennev Says:

    btw, i gave your show a rating on itunes. I know i know, i will go wip myself later.

    But I don’t believe in podcastalley anymore. Maybe you should ask others listener do to like me. Maybe it will bring others listener.

  7. Dan in Indiana Says:

    Good luck with the GTD. I finished the book, but actually following the plan to the letter takes a level of obsessive-compulsiveness that even I can’t reach.

    However, my email inbox now hovers at around 300 messages rather than 1000+

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