99: Candle Mics and AJ’s new truck

Recorded last night, in several takes… What you hear here is the best of one of the worst sessions we’ve ever had. At least there was beer.
Direct download here -> 38 minutes.
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You try and look happy to be talking into a candle stand

  • AJ’s new truck
    AJ's new truck
  • Interplanet Janet drops in
  • Microwave popcorn is bad for you
  • What turns Janet on
  • AJ is preoccupied with show 100
  • We visit a local bar
  • Ideas for 100?

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2 Responses to “99: Candle Mics and AJ’s new truck”

  1. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Hey boys! I enjoyed hearing the Happy 60th clip even more this time around- thank you- although I gotta wonder what prompted that creep from Scarborough to send in those backhanded compliments 4 years ago. What a jerk eh! And yet you guys were men enough to take it on the chin and forgive him – wow! And thanks to you, here I am, gone from creep to crazy uncle – how about that. Congratulations on keeping this leaking boat afloat (dang, was that another insult?) and moving on to 100! Well done guys- and no shit, you’re always were and still are the best! (the best 2 non-gay men Montreal area music & talk podcast). Longest running too – if you don’t count Julien.

  2. AJ Says:

    Thanks Dude….

    I think….???


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