105: the delayed xmas show


XMas Balls

by C.P.Storm.

Direct download here -> 30ish minutes.
Online player:

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Well here it finally freaking is, the 2008 xmas show. Delayed by power availability and weather, but in your ears now none-the-less…

  • the power failure debacle
  • David Lee Roth soundboard
  • Bob mashes David Lee Roth and Cream into Strange Dave
  • The oldest canadian podcast thing
  • AJ turns 39
  • We were robbed of our xmas show
  • Google controls the planet
  • integrity as per Fuzzy Logic
  • The Lighthouse Hole
  • The Bob and AJ legacy

Our mostlytunes musical selections this time:

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3 Responses to “105: the delayed xmas show”

  1. Benjamin Franzmayr Says:

    Hi Bob, Hi Aj.
    A few days ago I wondered what’s up with Bob, AJ and Cat and found new shows and it really brightens my day, listening to this and the Catfish Show was like a tasty treat in amongst the other (regular) podcasts I listen to. Maybe rarity makes it more precious?
    I guess I’m one of the four listeners still enjoying the show… well I did. I don’t really know what it is about the show that I like so much but I just do. Thanks and please keep them coming (even if they are a few months apart).
    Great music too.
    See yas, Benjamin

    Oh, yeah, and congratulations on four years of podcasting and for Bobs upcoming birthday.

  2. Paul Lyzun Says:

    Lighthouse, that brings back the memories. I still have my vinyl record I used to play in art class at high school. Pretty scratched up, even then. I haven’t listened to it in years.

    Thanks for taking the risk. During the 70’s there was a lot of paranoia about Canada melting into America and home grown bands like Guess Who, Lighthouse, Abraham’s Children, Edward Bear helped define a separate identity. They may not have the high profile of US or English rock bands, but they were ours.

    You’ve got to wonder as these albums go out of print, the copyright owner can’t be found and the original sheet music is in someone’s trash, how much of our musical history is going to be around by the bicentennial?

  3. Ennev Says:

    With the “Canadiens” on the way out, can we hope for a podcast soon ?

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