106: Whatever we want

Direct download here -> holy crap – 68 minutes.

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We make up for lack of frequency by adding length to this one.

  • Musical selections based on a criteria pioneered by Scarborough Dude.
  • Inside the Bob and AJ Studio – with your host, CC Chapman
  • Fuzzy Logic makes his appearance
  • the “Father Robert” birthday tune for Bob
  • This show fueled by rum from Sylvain Grand’maison
  • I’m tired of typing – just listen

Tunes Not played this week:

Audio comments /emails and cold hard cash always appreciated! See you in a few weeks!

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10 Responses to “106: Whatever we want”

  1. C.C. Chapman Says:

    SO good to have you guys back. Way to long and it felt like you had never gone away?

    Like a joint around a campfire? No idea. But, always great to have you guys cracking me up. thanks for letting me be part of it.

    Can’t wait for the end of summer show.

  2. Valerie Says:

    AJ, I think you’ve given more to Bob over a lifetime than any of us in that song. So don’t feel bad. We’ll always be trying to catch up, and we never will.

    Great show, guys. Thanks.

  3. Dave Delaney Says:

    Awesome to have you guys back. Now I *have* to stay subscribed. You never know when iTunes is going to sneak out a new episode to me.

    Merry Christmas if we don’t hear from you again before then 😉


  4. Mark Says:

    “Our popularity is becoming more selective”… You should have named this episode Smell The Glove.

  5. Darren King Says:

    Big props for playing Badlands! I had a horrible flashback to some air guitar playing and singing at some party in 89.

  6. Phil Bowman Says:

    Always great to get another show – glad I’m one of a select band of listeners…

  7. Rick(Cool Waters Band) Says:

    Comment number 7. It’s like a record for the last two years for you guys. I still wander by once every month or two, and low and behold you have a new show up.

    Thanks guys. I’m not a subscriber, but I still listen through the site. I’d bet you have upwards of 10 listeners…ha!

    Can’t wait for the next show. I think it should be called One More One!

  8. Jesse Says:

    Great to hear another podcast. its really the only one i listen to anymore.

    I just swing by the website randomly when i think of it to see if there is updates.

    There may be even more then 10 listeners !?

  9. Trucker Bill Says:

    Best damm show EVER !!!!

    I have missed you boys !!!!

    still the best show of my I-pod and Catfish also !

  10. Personal groundswell Says:

    […] Earlier this year, I coordinated a different type of audio birthday card when John Meadows and I re-wrote the lyrics to Billy Joel’s Piano Man and invited 120 people to sing them as part of a 40th birthday gift for Bob Goyetche. Forty-nine people, most from North America and a few from around the world, answered the call (including John Meadows, me and my wife). The result was a Band Aid like collaboration of people that gave something back to Bob for all that he’d given them. The final mix of the song featured solos, duets and small groups. The final chorus featured the entire ensemble. In many ways, it felt as though all 49 of us had gathered in one room to stand around a piano and belt out a song for our friend. (Click here for the podcast that features this song) […]

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