Habs #7 : Howie Morenz

Show 7 – The new year begins

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Our first show of the new year finds us recording our first ‘dry’ show.. Only water, honest! We had a great time doing this one, it was nice to get back together again after the holidays. The scratchy voice you hear is actually AJ.

This week’s show runs about 36 minutes:

  • Are we the last ones to mention it’s 2005?
  • Bob’s mom’s traditional Christmas french fries
  • Canada kicks the world’s hockey ass
  • Famous ex-Expos
  • Penguin-Bowling championships
  • Only 19 votes, no TwoTonShoes this time (but next week for sure)
  • Why apologize for having a cold?
  • Our favourite albums of 2004
  • How Pearl Jam tanked
  • Porn will replace podcasting
  • Fuzzy Logic: Can you hear me now?
  • Would Interplanet Karen please be our Asian correspondent ?
  • Have you clicked on this ?
  • The CatFish Show is beating us at our own game
  • Quebec podcasters (merci pour les liens Marie-Chantal!)

Our format-limiting NHL music featured this week:

Aaron Hall – Rachael (Rough version)
Army of Me – Frozen

What ?!? No Canadian music this week?? We’ll fix that next time!

Background Music:

Don’t know who Howie Morenz was? Do you know nothing about our beloved (but currently very idle) Montréal Canadiens??? Learn here

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One Response to “Habs #7 : Howie Morenz”

  1. eli Says:

    Cool music, Paul Anka made $70,000.00 a year in the 70s for the tonight show theme. Thank God Hockey is cancelled in the U.S. Less French. From the superbowl losers, Philly