Bob and AJ Xmas ’09 ?

Ok , so here’s the deal…

The Bob and AJ show is officially Canada’s oldest running podcast. No doubt about it.

This year, we mark our 5th anniversary, and I REALLY want to do a Christmas show. No, you don’t understand… I NEED to do a Bob & AJ Xmas show so that my model of the universe continues to exist.

AJ, as most of you know, spends little or no time online, so he doesn’t get the feedback I get sometimes. The thing is, AJ doesn’t see what you and I talk about on twitter, facebook, or what is emailed to me directly, and to be honest, he’s feeling a bit unappreciated.

I think it’s really important for us to do an Xmas ’09 show, if only for the fact that I haven’t seen AJ since the summer, and hell that’s just too long.

So I need your help –

I’d need you to comment on THIS post, and tell AJ how a Bob & AJ Xmas show would make you feel. Be honest, be brutal, but please post..  Want to call it in? Sure – (267) 220-3701

Help me make AJ feel the Xmas love!



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13 Responses to “Bob and AJ Xmas ’09 ?”

  1. John Meadows Says:

    I would love to hear you guys do a Christmas special; between your show and watching It’s a Wonderful life, I’d say screw that mushy old movie; bring on the tunes and the talk!!!

  2. Dan Gentry Says:

    I would love to hear a new Bob & AJ show. I’m a long time listener, and I’m always happy to see a new show in the feed. C’mon AJ, do it for me!

  3. Daniele Rossi Says:

    Ah man, after that conversation on Facebook about Vince Guaraldi and the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack – would be totally cool to have a Christmas show.

  4. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Sorry- it’s not about how hearing a Bob & AJ show would make me fell- it’s about how NOT hearing a Bob & AJ show would make me feel!!! It wouldn’t be Christmas! It’s be like the bad guys won and spoiled the season for everyone. Not having a Bob & AJ Christmas podcast would simple be sad and awful!
    (P.S…..AJ – it has nothing to do with Bob begging us to ask! We need you!)

  5. Nico Says:

    If you don’t do a show I’ll have to come over and ask in person. And that means Bob will have to put up with me yet again. Is that what you want, AJ? Huh? Do it for Bob. He deserves that much.

  6. karmicangel Says:

    I’m with Nico, we’re showing up in our flannel PJS at your door if we don’t get a Christmas special podcast. Come on, make the heathen Hindus in your fan club happy! I LOVE Christian holidays that I get off from work and don’t have to attend church! I do Christmas right! There are presents, eggnog, mistletoe, and none of the boring stuff. Please throw a new xmas podcast on the pile, make my Christmas perfect!!

  7. Darren King Says:

    Do an X-Mas show for CHRIST SAKE!

    Uh, I mean it would be great to hear you guys again. Especially the soothing frequencies of AJ’s vocal chords.

    I don’t get snow down here, so at least allow me to share in your snow filled holiday season.

    Slam back some Molson, chaw on a poutine. Done.
    X-Mas it is.


  8. LEMills Says:

    There would be no better cap to this godawful year than to hear a Christmas show from you guys.

    Hey, wait a minute… that didn’t come out right…

    I will put on three layers of PJs and go out and buy some fuzzy slippers and get in my Prius (new tires; I’m ready!) and drive all the way from Philadelphia to whine in person. And you don’t want to see or hear that.

    Do it for yourselves. Do it for the spirit of podcasts past. Please…. Just do it.

    [Disclaimer: No money was received from the Toyota Corporation or from Nike, Inc. (or any of its currently controversial endorsees) for this request.]


  9. MetalliRob Says:

    Ah crap…I was about to go crazy swearing ‘n stuff to fully express how I’d feel if you actually did an XMas show this year, but all I see is proper English and courtesy. Blah! hehe…

    What you really need to do is con him to show up in Two-Moe and drug him so he never leaves again! Then duct-tape a headset/mic to his noggin’ and hit [RECORD]! Free will is overrated…plus who’s kidding who? This ain’t no democracy! (double-negative + alcohol equals logic…duh!) 😉

    Do eeeeet, guys! Oh, and Merry Christmas. I miss you all!

    Lonely In Vancouver

  10. Valerie Says:

    Gee, AJ, I thought you loved Bob enough to understand he needs this and just do it for him, without him having to call on us to convince you.

    Well…okay then.

    I remember sitting in a bus station in Erie, Pennsylvania listening to the last show. You mentioned “Burning In Love” by Honeymoon Suite, I think, and I wanted to go yell, “YAY!” out loud. But that would have been embarrassing, because it was actually an “Intermodal Transport Center” and therefore classier than a bus station and less receptive to outbursts. Anyway, I was on my way back to Toronto from my hometown in Ohio after meeting my birth family. And you know what? I’ve since been down there *again* for U.S. Thanksgiving. No Bob and AJ Show, no opportunity for me to yell at perfect American strangers about how awesome you are. Thank God the turkey mollified me.

    Well, now I’m going to be making the long trek down again, for Christmas, a time when we celebrate (for those who believe) God proving his/her love for us by sending down a version of him/herself to spread love and joy and eventually get his ass kicked only to come back to life. I would dearly appreciate listening to another Bob and AJ Show on the long and lonesome highway (well, the NY Thruway at least – man, that’s boring), hearing you prove just how much you love Bob.

    Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

    p.s. Yes, I just compared AJ to God and Bob to Christian humanity and the podcast to Christ. You can’t suck up more than that.

  11. Stevie Z Says:

    Wow, a Bob and AJ Christmas special would be a sleigh full of awesomeness! (to paraphrase Bob)

    It would be a great tradition to add to all my other Christmas traditions of whining to my wife about getting more studio gear, listening to Fairytale of New York by the Pogues and balling my eyes out, getting drunk and trying to deal with the holidays, and always being disappointed by how snarly people are around this time.

    Hm, come to think of it, it WOULD be nice to have a FUN tradition to add to the list.

    Hallelulah, Holy S***….where’s the Tylenol?

    My iPod is waiting with bells on……
    Stevie Z

  12. aj Says:

    I’m floored! No really, I have fallen to the ground.

    With all of this love and admiration how can I not

    do a show.I’m in!!!

    Now all we need to make it a perfect event is your

    comments and some of our very own FUZZY LOGIC!

    Thanks guys and gals for the messages.

    Tanks Bob, Im verklempt(SNL reference)

  13. Morrie Says:

    AJ, Good on ya mate. Crank up the larynx, break out the whisley and you and Bob put out a cracker of a Christmas Show. This is also a good time to wish you and Bob and your families, and legion of listeners the best of good wishes for the season, and hope that 2010 is kind to you all. BAJ rocks, like a quarry.

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