Can you feel it?

Ok, so maybe not a full-blown buzz, but we’re getting some nice reaction to the first show. Thanks for your comments & emails, we’ll respond to them during the next show.

Special thanks to podcat for including our show on his Best of podcasting show for Nov 27th. Also a big *boinnnngggg* to Adam Curry for featuring our promo on Nov 30th’s Daily Source Code.

Some people have been asking about our background music, which I meant to include in the production notes, but forgot. The wonderful jazzy piano tune is called A Casual Emergency by Paul Reller, and it’s available on open source audio . Check out that collection, there’s all kinds of wierd & wonderful audio out there. As for the other music, I wish I could tell you. It’s from a cd I have that simply says “Prod. Music-1”.. I think it may be from a recording studio, or radio station, and I probably won’t use it again since I don’t know if we have clearance to use it.

We’re already planning the next show, scheduled for Dec 5th, and we’re lining up the permissions to play you some good non-RIAA tunes..

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