File 13: The Bob & AJ Skype-a-thon

RSS or MP3 55 minutes ~ 45MB

Caution: Contains strong language (once you see who’s on the show you’ll see why)

Another live show, our longest ever… this time we keep Skype running while recording, and as a result end up having two podcasting gods as guests of the show! We had a blast recording this one, hope you enjoy listening to it!

  • Jason from Insomnia Radio drops by for a chat
  • Curtis from sportspod gives us the man-challenge.. You know he is podcat, don’t you?
  • While we go on with the show, Jason tells Julien from inoveryourhead what he did here, the next thing we know, we have another guest!
  • Fuzzy logic wants to rule the world

This week’s music from :

The Cool Waters Band – Hey Allright
Chiwawa – End of Line
OverRIDE – All the way

Thanks for your (continuing) votes and support! Votes are the closest thing we have to getting paid! Almost pathetic, aren’t we? Spending all this time week after week for nothing more than votes..

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See you next week!

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5 Responses to “File 13: The Bob & AJ Skype-a-thon”

  1. Says:

    B & A, Well done on the high school man performance….! Let’s see how the Dollar dudes do.

    And thanks for the smoooooth jazz closing.


  2. Jason Says:

    Hey guys…that was podcasting at it’s finest.

    Quite the honor to share the stage with you and Julien…

    Despite making a complete, unprepared ass of myself…damn, I’d love to do it again…

  3. C.C. Says:

    KICK ass show guys!! Been listening for a while and the segment with Julien had me on the floor today!!! You should swing by sometime or swing by sometime!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ‘Keep the podcast top 50 free of junk’

    Yeah, like all the American crap shows on there.

  5. Bob Says:

    Thanks Curtis,Jason, CC, & Anonymous, Nice to be getting some feedback!

    Sorry we didn’t give you all a nod during the show, we recorded before seeing these comments!

    CC- You’ve been in my doppler for a long time – we’ll be in touch!