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Our first “live-straight-through,no-editing, not-even-taking-out-the-stuff-we-should-have, because-some-of-it-was-really-lame, like-Happy-Days-after-Fonzie-became-a-teacher, or-the-Andy-Griffith-show-once-Don-Knotts-left, because-after-that-it-was-all-about-Aunt-Bea, and-when-it-really-came-down-to-it, Aunt-Bea-wasn’t-all-that-interesting” show!

Yep, recorded in 35 minutes, this week’s show was much easier to produce, and quite a bit more fun to record – we may keep doing them this way! The production leaves something to be desired, but we’ll get better with practice…

  • Nice comments and emails
  • Superbowl? Was there a game on or something?
  • Paul McCartney’s pool quote :
“Somebody said to me, ‘But the Beatles were anti-materialistic.’
That’s a huge myth. John and I literally used to sit down and say,
‘Now, let’s write a swimming pool.'”

  • Garageband’s “Whoops” Beatnik:
  • Canadian shovelling fixation
  • Football showboating idiots
  • Valentine’s Day – Men : Set the bar low while you can
  • Mitsou‘s greatest hits for Julien
  • The gay bar was The Blue Oyster, not The Blue Oyster Cult (cowbell SNL clip here) .

This week’s music from :

Retrograde – Letting Go
Mike Chappelear – Cruel Weather (Buy the CD here)
Ted Wulfers & Beggar’s Bridge – S.W.E.L.L

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