11 – Just 11

RSS or MP3 31 minutes ~ 30MB

  • AJ’s beer quiz
  • Johnny Carson & the tonight show theme
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • AJ’s rum quiz
  • Interplanet Janet’s speech

Tunes this week:

Damsel Fly – Let You Go
SubmissionMusic – Set Me Up
Sarah Fimm – Paradise

The usual background music the boys love so much:

intro : Jazz Skank from open-songs

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2 Responses to “11 – Just 11”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Goddamn! Thank god and apple pie for those brave Dollar Show guys. I just can’t get enough homophobia and anti-Canadian drivel down here south of the national health care and gun control border. My fellow Americans give me one more reason to put a maple leaf on my backpack while traveling around the world. The dollar really is crap against other currencies in more ways than one. Great job responding to this total bullshit, Bob and AJ. What else can you do really?

    Anne, a loyal listener from the US

  2. Bob Says:

    Thanks for your support Anne.

    It’s nice of you (and the people who emailed privately) to support us. I don’t plan to give this more play, as I can’t get on the level these guys operate. That’s the good thing about podcasting, no controls – so guys like this can find their audience, and we can find ours. The issue I have is the slamming of other shows. In this case they went after ours, but they go after Dawn & Drew (to which I am not subscribed) as well. I can’t get my head around the need to bring others down so you can feel superior.

    Anyhow, for those who haven’t read my original take on this, it’s on My blog.Thanks for listening and reading!