18 and Life

MP3 or RSS 42 minutes ~ about that big

More Skype, because we want podcasters to all be friends!

Windows and Skype together suck
Deniz from The Tragically Nameless Podcast drops in for a chat
New Segment: AMBUSH OUTTRO. Our first victims, er.. guests:

AJ gets a love note from April of the PonderPlace podcast..
Reality Bitchslap mourning
Another Montreal podcast meet-up in May (pics from last one here)

Thanks for asking, but we can’t do an 8-hour show

Tunes this week:
Michael Andrew – Stoned
The Killingtons – Weekend Drive

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One Response to “18 and Life”

  1. Jason Says:

    Notes from Insomnia-ville:
    Coming home after a 9 hour day of pissy retail customers to Bob and AJ 18 was terrific. The highlight of my day.

    You’ve sold out you Amazon Associate bitches!!! (oops, so did i.)

    Outro Assault is the coolest segment ever. Except when I’m the target 😉