Edge of Seventeen

RSS or MP3 45 minutes ~ 4 terabytes

A relatively normal show, no one really got hurt.

AJ has a new girlfriend
Podcasting works! We get voice mail from Christa Couture
The big podcast fight between Ponderplace and Richard Vobes
Tell us about the show length – email us or voice comment :

Should we do a 45 minute show once a week, or 20 minute shows 3 times a week?

Thanks for your support! We’re clinging to the top50!
Would SOMEBODY please sign Retrograde ????
Travis from PonderPlace joins us on Skype (and we had no problems making it work, ok?)
…and tries to convert us to using Kniforpoons :

AJ’s St-Patty’s day links
Survivor Cereal Commercial (From CheezePleeze)

This week’s tunes:

Christa Couture – I Will
Unorganized Crime – Alessandra
Retrograde – It’s Over Now
Sheldon Rourke – Falling Apart

Thanks for your emails, Fuzzy says he’ll be back next week! Let’s hope so…
Your continuing support for us at podcastalley makes our days ever so more livable – thanks!

See you next week!

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2 Responses to “Edge of Seventeen”

  1. C.C. Says:

    Such a great invention. Someone needs to start selling them on eBay right now!

    And the new logo rocks! Simple and perfect all at once.

  2. David Carrington Says:

    I streamed half of your show #19 yesterday and download #17 to listen to on my way to work. I’m new to all this podcasting business, but I’m glad I found your show.

    Great music and lots of nonsense – almost makes me turn off Pete & Geoff (UK – Virgin Radio).

    Not only will I download a lot more of your shows now, but I’d like to buy myself a nice big (aka HUGE) memory card for my palmtop so I can download all my podcasts there. Unless there’s better software for managing which podcasts to put on my palmtop each morning?

    Surfice to say, I loved listening to your show this morning. My answer to the early question: 50 minutes for sure! If you’re recording all on the same day then it doesn’t make much sense to me to do 3 shows per week.