16 tons

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Today we explain the differences between nuclear (that’s noo-que-lar for friends of W) fission and fusion, as well as the socio-political ramifications of “free talk” radio shows who don’t really want to hear anyone speak but themselves.

Among the sub-topics we explore:

The Dukes of Hazzard Movie (Hi Darren!)
We got nice comments about Christa Couture
Our version of Supersize Me : SuperBeer Me
We join Deniz’s The Tragically Nameless Podcast‘s F-you iPod Shuffle movement
Our new MP3 player on the site
Screaming Vocalists
Our SOCAN licensing request
RIAA: We will play your tunes, for a fee
Hockey death – the show must go on
Our new friends at The PonderPlace Podcast
What mean by “live” recording
Help us bring Fuzzy Logic back

Our selections this week:

The Killingtons – twilight
KOLERIK – Shadow
Blinker the Star – Girl in America
Channels – Chivaree

Thanks for listening, and telling your friends, we’re seeing the numbers go up, and we owe it all to YOU! So have a beer, and pretend we paid for it!

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3 Responses to “16 tons”

  1. Deniz Says:

    And what makes you think I’m motivated enough to record my name for you?

    Apparently I mumble it on the show. It’s instinctive. I think I’ll leave it a mystery. I’m tallying stats, and so far Jason Evangelho is the only person ever to pronounce it right in a show. Keep guessing and you might make #2.

    Oh, and a note on screamers: Normally I love your show, but I REALLY wanted to punch something when you mentioned Chester from Linkin Park. Firstly, he doesn’t really SCREAM. Secondly… Bleh. Vomit-awful. I know you guys don’t like the kind of music that I play, but as far as real screams go, check Refused and combatwoundedveteran. cwv is insanely unlistenable, but Refused is too good to describe with words. Also, their singer went on to do this:


    I think you’ll like it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoy listening to the show. The music is really great. It’s nice to hear a familiar voice

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hiya, great show! I am loving the music choices, except for the really heavy track. Prepped for live recording and yet still a random, off-the-cuff feel. congratulations!