25: Less Luc and More Matt!

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Show 25 – The “I can’t put anything witty here” Show

How many comments are in a slew ??
Canadian Tire Money:

Smart Cars
Alice Cooper isn’t from Quebec
Ambush outtro victim: Matt from Digital Detroit Radio
AMP – The Association of Music Podcasting
Matt will send us pictures of him with the STANLEY CUP
Nic’s “Bob and AJ” Drinking Game
Disturbing Auctions featuring the Golfing Dead Frog:

Fuzzy Logic watches Chinese gameshows
Big Mike disclaimer over & over
Luc gets electric fly zappers and more Asia stories
Another 15 minute ending- we need to shut up

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
st. joseph’s baby acid – The Dead have Bad Dreams
My Machine – Mix it up
Tourist – Throwing Stones

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4 Responses to “25: Less Luc and More Matt!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ten Bucks for teh dead frawg!! -bigmike

  2. Nic Says:

    The most important beers here are Quilmes wich is local, and Brahma, brazilian. The sites are in spanish and portuguese, but you at least can see pictures (they’ll both ask you for your birth date, keep in mind we use dd/mm/yy). We have a bunch more, and we get quite a bit of imported, but those two are the main.

    Hehe, coincidentally, i had a party with a keg last saturday. This thing won’t let me post a photo but you can see it here

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    There’s a lot of those SMART cars here in Vancouver too. But they are made for commuting only, of course you can use it as your main transportation. They are surprisingly safe.

    I never do use that Canadian Tire money b/c I rarely shop there. Alice Cooper was born in Detroit, so I don’t think that’s anywhere in Canada. That was funny with Matt just disappearing in Skype. Haha, coulda got shot! I hope he gets you the picture of the Stanley Cup.

    That disturbing auctions website is strange man. They got some weird shite over there.

    That fuzzy logic clip was totally funny. I didn’t know what was happening to your podcast. Almost forgot what the hell I was listening to! That clip was long.

    Another funny show!

  4. jon from vancouver Says:

    I just heard the intro over at Insomnia, Rich has an attitude now! No prostitutes AJ? Poor Rich… hahahahhaahaaa

    Now you guys need to plan a reunion show with Rich in the future. That would be funny. Maybe whore him out to C.C. for the Accident Hash show! Pass him around. How’s that for sex, Rich?! Hahahaaaaaa.