MP3 or RSS 49 minutes- not quite safe for church

Show 24 – The “Skype across the World” Show

Our SPECIAL guest host, Luc (aka Fuzzy Logic) Cohosting LIVE from Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok stories – not family safe, unless it’s a really open family
Stupid Hoo-hoo tricks
BBC Windsor Castle Show
Benoit the German hockey-playing-oil-changing pope
Luc’s noisiest laptop fan EVER
Lots of inane wednesday-wierd-show stuff
The Julien Love Theme

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
redesign – lo and behold
Wayside – Weak
No Fun – Be Like Us
Pyramid – Streets Were Raining

Remember the new forum, c’mon and join and have some fun!

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14 Responses to “two-four”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys ! I heard that show on Sunday.
    Please put Wednesday’s audio on.
    Thanks !

  2. Bob Says:

    Geez.. you forget to change *ONE* little link and you get crap for it…

    I just can’t wait until I move out! 🙂

    It’s fixed now

  3. Anonymous Says:

    By far one of my favorite shows.

    AJ’s song made me want to stay in China for an extra week.


  4. Scarborough Dude Says:

    You guys aren’t trying to keep me out of your forum just cuz my compliments may have seemed a little ambiguous eh? Or maybe I just have to wait for my application to be screened?

  5. Bob Says:

    We don’t screen applicants..

    Wish I’d thought of that though 😉

  6. Scarborough Dude Says:

    I was feeling sorry for AJ when Bob said “If I was going to talk for you I’d be looking for my words a lot longer.” Brutal! Was wondering how he was going to get even with Bob – and then I heard his song! Et tu brutal!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You MOM is listening? HI MOM!!

    -big mike

  8. Bob Says:

    AJ’s mom, in case you’re wondering 🙂

  9. jon from vancouver Says:

    That Julien song was hilarious. Let’s get that forum happening now!

  10. C.C. Says:

    So much fun to hear Bob go off the deep end. Was it a mix of chips and rum this week because you were in RARE form.

    And you totally messed me up playing Redesign as they are on que for tonight’s Hash and when you intro’d it as a different song I got all confused.

    The Julien song is an instant classic. I might have to play THAT on the Hash instead!

  11. Nic Says:

    I was listening on the bus on my way to school, and just when AJ was about to sing, my freaking batteries died!! I would have bought some when i arrived but all the places that could have sold batteries were closed (it was like 9pm), so i had to wait to get home to listen to it, and i have to say it was worth it!

  12. Jason Says:

    Rich has expressed to me he will be expecting reparations from you in the form of actual $$$, not rum and chips this time. The combined amount for his unpaid services is:

    Until such payment is remitted,no negotiations will take place, and Rich will be firmly in the Insomnia Radio camp!!!


    …On a personal note: Episode 24 was an absolute, hilarious, classic.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Our lawyers would like tell you to please specify what type of currency….and to send us the appropriate documentation…


  14. sylvie Says:

    Hilarious! Just like being back home…and people wonder where I get MY sarcasm from. Not so into the music this time – can I please threaten to compare it with ‘Idol’ if it happens again :)I think you both had the right amount of rum during this show. Hearing Luc in Thailand was very cool.

    Fantastic show!!