Number 23: Bob Gainey

MP3 or RSS 45 minutes

Show 23 – Rich disappears

New theme music, & where the hell is Rich?
Great emails & comments – we love it!
Ben’s Smoked meat
The Playmates were real BEEP BEEP (1958, not 1961.. I goofed) newspaper interview
We both listen to Digital Detroit Radio
Ambush outtro : Deniz Rudin ,
– which leads to the inevitable generational gap you’d expect
– which leads to the inevitable Deniz getting shot by Brian with a paintball gun
Bob Hyman – The Principal
AJ Discovers Yahoo’s Launchcast
Jeff Buckley
Fuzzy Logic – LIVE from Bangkok, Thailand
Jason – we thought you were our friend
Rich – Our lawyers will contact you

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Accousticore – Holy Crap, Ronald McDonald can Can Dunk
Almost Done – My Requiem
Guinness Clarke’s Wine – Perfect

Did you know that listeners of the Bob and AJ show have been scientifically proven to be more intelligent and attractive than those who don’t ? Think about it.

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6 Responses to “Number 23: Bob Gainey”

  1. sylvie Says:

    Hiya, hilarious show! Provided a much needed break from studying. The Playmates’ schtick was so random and weird that I loved it. Rich is really the announcer…the Rich I know??

    As much as I love to hear the other side (generationally-speaking, that is) from Deniz’s perspective, my volume control could’ve used a warning on Accousticore 🙂 All’s I can say is nails on a blackboard.

    The paintball piece was brilliant – who knew? paintball gun-toting teenagers…are holsters involved? ongoing war games? gang colors?

    My Requiem was a great title but somehow the song reminded me of American/Canadian Idol. I liked the Guinness band.

    I am bummed that my computer was having spasms so couldn’t hear Fuzzy Logic. As always, loved the show and the ramblings…keep it up!

    I too wrote so much that I will skip a week. I will drink a toast however from New Orleans!

  2. Nic Says:

    It’s not fair that you guys get to get drunk on rum while doing the show and we don’t. That’s why i’ve been thinking about a Bob and AJ drinking game. This is what i have so far.

    You take a shot everytime:

    – Bob goes “wohoo!”
    – someone calls AJ by his full name
    – there’s a reference to the show being canadian
    – someone ends a sentence with “eh?”

    I think that’s enough to get us wasted before the end of the show, but if anyone can think of another, go ahead!

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    So the playmates were a real band, good thing I didn’t grow up in the era. What a gay band, wonder if they were a one hit wonder. Thanks for the update. That song made me laugh.

    Where the hell did Rich go? Did Jason really take him away? Guess that’s why we don’t see Jason here commenting. The new intro song is groovy. As long as it’s no playmates singing the intro.

  4. jon from vancouver Says:

    I checked the link to the Playmates on musicmatch and had a good laugh. 5 records in total, wow, better than Milli Vanilli. And I thought our generation of music was bad. Funny how their name was supposed to be The NitWits. This was novelty music, wonder what they would think of our Top 40 now!

  5. AJ Says:

    Hey all!!

    Thank you thank you!!!You are all great…
    Sylvie love …please not Idol style…no,no,no!!Just laid back track!take care love.

    thanks all!!

  6. sylvie Says:

    I think we’d get drunk faster if we drank everytime they cut each off in mid-conversation…THAT would be hard to keep up with 😉

    I apologize for the Idol comment.