Catch 22

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Show 22 – Munching and podcasting

Miss Vickies potato chips
Scarborough Dude’s comment
– We are the alternative to Adam Curry ?
Outtro Ambush victim: CC Chapman from Accident Hash
– Check out Hash #13 – Kristia Di Gregorio Interview
No Miss Vickies chips in Boston
Laith Bahrani’s incredible Low Morale video for Radiohead’s Creep
CC didn’t dig Tori Amos’ concert
listener emails
We get google to pay attention by mentioning WE PODCAST FROM CANADA
AJ enjoyed the Metallica documentary product, Bob just doesn’t like them
Drummers & Goalies – in a different orbit
Trailer Park Boys has too much cussing for MTV?
The Barenaked Ladies variety show on FOX?
How to please to old english women

The guy in front really isn’t happy, the guy in the middle is just a little TOO happy

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Berman – Fall off the Earth
The Mod-est Lads – She Said Bi…
Crafted – Shout
The Screen – Lotus

Thanks for listening, Voice mail, comments and email always welcomed!

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6 Responses to “Catch 22”

  1. Jason Says:

    Your unnamed show announcer (and now…the irrelevant ramblings of 2 possibly drunk Canadians)…you know, that unappreciated voice who probably works for peanuts?

    Well, he has expressed interest in working for Insomnia Radio. We are in negotiations right now, and I feel I can offer him much more than you cheap bastards.

    Just thought you should know 😉

  2. Jon from Vancouver Says:

    Hahaha, Jason! What the f*** is that guy? A computer voice dude? Better treat that guy good or Jason will take him from you guys for a bag of almonds.

    Shit, that caller from Scarborough (sp?), wtf was he saying. That Canadian was drunk and changed his message probably! You guys are the best. That guy is smoking too much of my BC bud… LOL I think most of us feel like that listening to Adam Curry’s podcasts!

    How big is that bottle of rum! ok now, what the hell is that gay photo for this show? Looks like an ad for an Indian movie! That can’t be their real name, The Playmates?! Haha. wtf?

    Those Vickie chips I think are just Canadian. I heard Accident Hash and didn’t know it was recorded in that manner described. I thought it was through Skype or over the phone. Pretty good. That Radiohead flash cartoon was way too cool. Amazing. That’s alot of work to do in Flash.

    Yes, AJ I voted for you guys. Honestly, I don’t visit that site for podcasts. I listen to podcasts and usually listen to guests or recommendations. The Google searchbot paragraph is so funny. It’s like those meta-tags in html pages, people will put everything and anything to get picked up.

    AJ, I think every guy eventually needs to stand while watching porn! I feel the same about Lars and Metallica. I used to like them. Don’t we all feel like Bob with many other people?!

    You guys need to make more than a weekly show. Another week to get by… haha, I know long comment. But it covers all the other listeners who don’t come by to comment. So really you guys got like 5 comments just in this one post.

  3. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Well that was one hell of a mindfuck! Cranked up your show on the walk home to see what was happening this time around,and whose voice do I hear but my own! Thought I was having an acid flashback! But hey, you were right – I tried to insult you on the phone, and the dam Canadian in me took over and cut you far more slack than you’ll ever deserve. I’ll try harder next time, so keep listening. I mean keep talking. Ah what the hell,you guys are okay! Shit!

    The Scarborough Dude

  4. Jason Says:

    I have discovered your announcer’s name, and it is Rich. I even know his home address. In fact, he came by the studio today to audition for Insomnia Radio.

    I realize full well he may not have revealed this to you yet…but who could down endless merlot and sunny California…

    Rich loves it…you better treat him right suckers!

  5. David Carrington Says:

    What keywords are you aiming for in the search engines? Just ask a few people on other sites to create links to you site with those words in them.

  6. Insperation, Persperation and Proliferation Says:

    […] Bob and AJ Show: Episode 22 and Episode 23 include Scarborough Dude’s comment and Bob and AJ’s podcast challenge, […]