21: Blackjack – a bonus show

MP3 or RSS 45 minutes ~ like that new rash you’ve been worrying about

Show 21 – Some vulgarity, none of it our fault
The save Arrested Development petition
Is Julien mad at us?
Dr. Schvartz will fix my cell phone and computer
uno, dos, tres, BONG!
Ambush Outtro : Travis from The Ponderplace Podcast
We wake April up & chat forever
Butthole Radio – 4 watts FM Stereo Power
Jason’s here again – what a surprise!

This picture has nothing to do with the show:

Selections from Mostlytunes this time:
Jonathan Coulton – Mandlebrot Set
KG – Carnival
No Ones Kind – Drama


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5 Responses to “21: Blackjack – a bonus show”

  1. C.C. Says:

    God damn was that funny. AC might have the boing,but you guys have the BONG!!! And it made my day that the Ponder Place gang actually know who I am. Hell of a way to start the morning. Kick ass show as always guys.

  2. Jon from Vancouver Says:

    Another funny show, thanks for the bonus laughs today. Looking forward to Sunday’s show.

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    Oh ya I forgot, you’re welcome, I heard you thank me on the podcast. Make those t-shirts or caps nice so my wife doesn’t laugh when I’m wearing it! You guys are great, butthole network! Hahaa. Shit man. Jason on the show again! LOL. You guys need more than one show a week. This bonus is a good start.

  4. Nic Says:

    I loved this show! I always love it but this one was extra funny. The bong thing had me laughing out loud; thank god no one was around or i would have looked like an idiot.

  5. Michael Says:

    Wanted to let you guys know that I listen to your show all the time (Thanks to Ipodder). Some shows are weak – but as I am from Montreal I like to hear your perspectives from back there – living in Hong Kong, so enjoy your show. Send me a Ben’s smoked meat sandwich. Keep playing the music and talk up the local news.