Hey Nineteen

MP3 or RSS *60* minutes ~ holy crap that’s huge.. almost 48meg..

An on-location vacation podcast, with a guest host: Jason from Insomnia Radio! We break in the mobile studio (pictures here), and sacrifice a bit of audio quality to bring you our longest show. This is why we want to go to multiple smaller shows..

We discuss podcasting, and

  • Our review on the New, New Podcast Review
  • Researching the music
  • How Bob and AJ met
  • Podcasting alone or with a cohost
  • Official podcasting equipment
  • Podcasting waits for no one
  • AJ’s guest bit on the PonderPlace podcast
  • Skype recording
  • We quiz Jason about Canada
  • Jason rubs it in Deniz’s face
  • Listen past the end for the wrap up

Music this week shamelessly lifted from mostlytunes.com:
Cheryl Gaudet – Trust Me
Rebel Storm – Gals from Mississippi
Hurlee – Better Days

Thanks for the kind words and music submissions! We answer all email we promise, just a bit of deluge right now.. That’s a good thing!

Next week, a show back from our home base and regular setup.. Also, it’s a new voting month on podcastalley, so if you feel so inclined, click here.

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3 Responses to “Hey Nineteen”

  1. Jon from Vancouver Says:

    Another great show. I love it when Jason comes on board and you guys just talk shit. Even though you were all in different locations, I thank you for being dedicated to doing the show still.

    The sound was not bad either. I think it’s a great idea that podcasts crossover by having hosts guest starring and supporting each others’ shows. This has been the one way of learning what shows I like very quickly. I visit the websites to read and comment on the shows. Keep up the great work. I’m here for the long run.

  2. sylvie Says:

    Hiya, awesome show. Really funny. I loved the canadian quiz. I also like it when Jason is on to parry comments with. Holy, am I impressed – Ste.Adele, Florida and California.

    And something from show 18: I love the Killingtons! Please play more.

  3. Deniz Says:

    DAMN YOUS!!!! Jason, I can’t believe you would pay me back for rousting you out of depression with THIS!

    Aight, I’m declaring war on Insomnia Radio. It’s ON!

    First point of order: I knew all three Canada questions. You suck.

    Naw, you guys all kick ass. No one else has talked about me so extensively. Or so positively.

    Wait. No. Everyone talks about me positively.

    But you guys get points for prolifitude. Especially Jason.

    Anyway. I’ve been sayin’ that exact same thing about Podcast Alley since day one, glad you’ve caught on. And as for IM frustrations… I totally understand. I’m the fast-typin’ type, and I know I frustrate some people. However, IMing is so simple, quick, and informal that I gotta support it. For some reason it seems like a much bigger thing to call someone you don’t know than to type to ’em. I dunno.