30: Half the Man I used to be

Direct dowload here -> about 44 minutes

AJ’s community play
Bob’s procedure gets a tune stuck in my head
How big is the Irish Population in Columbus, Ohio ?
AJ & Janet review the Snow Patrol show
The Lost season-ender could have been much shorter
AJ’s youth group
Matt’s comments about RUSH
AJ never said the code word
Like the tunes? Email the bands!
We’ve never seen a DVD Audio disk
The INXS Reality Show
Plastic Surgeons need good eyesight
Our listeners rock! – Thank you!

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:

The Bloody Irish Boys – Drunk Tonight
Life of Pi – See you Space Cowboy
Syd – Back Home

There’s cool stuff on the horizon, people! Can’t say too much, but some of it involved CD giveaways! Cool huh? Stick around, and tell a friend!

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9 Responses to “30: Half the Man I used to be”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    DVD Audio disks sound fantastic. The trick is that not only are the disks more expensive (20-25$ cnd) but you also need a specical DVD player and stereo receiver just to play them! Well you can play them in a regular dvd player but the sound isn’t the best.

    The biggest difference with DVD-audio is the discret channels for sounds and instrements. Also the music is comming in a much higher rate then CDs. For example I have the eagles live DVD-Audio and it it unreal. The quality and the “little” things you notice are great.

    I enjoy your show.. When are you guys going to do a mostly tunes from good old Nova Scotia!.


  2. jon from vancouver Says:

    Congrats on 30!
    Oh no, Bob what happened to you?! Snipped! I think you guys should stay away from that topic for your male listeners. A jimmy hat would have done the trick too!

    My wife watched the ‘Lost’ episode and she was disappointed. The way it ended was dumb, ABC should have shown whatever it was at the end of the episode. I’m not a fan of the show and never have seen it. My wife watches too much TV, so she got hooked on this. Alias sucked this season too as per her. We used to be fans, but it is just dumb with their cloning and bringing people back from the dead. I thought that was left for the daytime soap operas.

    My brother is going to the Green Day concert here in Vancouver. I know he’s had tickets for awhile. I don’t mind their latest album, keep forgetting to pick it up.

    Matt is going to hate you guys for that Bob and Doug and Rush clip! Haha. I think my wife liked Rush, I never have. That jungle tune is spooky, that doesn’t remind me of a paint commercial. Sounds like a tribe is coming after me and that’s the fucking song that would play!

    Coke and Lime?! The Captain and Coke is great, but lime? Even Pepsi has a lime drink blend. Maybe I’ll try it once and then make a call on it. Perhaps a can.

    The DVD Audio disc is really good with the equipment. (Fuck that jungle tune just played!) I can see Bob running to the garage door with that song playing! Anyway, I’ll email you guys some info on the Seal DVD I have. It included a few music videos too. I know Best Buy has a section just for DVD Audio’s. They do cost abit more than regular CD’s.

    Brook Burke is hot, man! I saw her website before and it was sweet. She’s been in magazines, car shows, and more. I read about INXS last year doing a show to find a lead singer. I can’t believe it. I think it’s a Mark Burnett show, just like Survivor and Apprentice and the new Martha Stewart show. I’m not sure that INXS should do this. I though Michael Hutchinson was with Kylie Minogue at that time of death.

    Weather has been great out west guys, almost 30 for the past week. Yesterday was too hot, 30 and almost unbearable. Sorry to hear you guys are suffering.

    We as listners enjoy and appreciate the work you guys put into this. The entertainment I get I look forward to every week. Another 30 shows!

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks for the comment.Bob is workin on an east cost feed for mostlytunes.com. We actually talked about it in our preshow!!


  4. Big Mike Says:

    Dryer music!!!

  5. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    One of the funniest shows yet. True lol funny. Nearly made a fool of myself at work several times…

  6. C.C. Says:

    Long live the dryer music!!!!

    Killer show and welcome to the snip snip club.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks CC…Appreciate it, Hope all is well…


  8. Michael G Says:

    Opening song from skinfu ck sounded cool. Any chance getting a link or the song mailed to me.

    I am considering turning myself into an ‘it’, Did you have to shave everything off? Did you lather up your nuts, or just went at it?

    I don’t like the band RUSH either, AND i do not know anyone of their names.

    I am getting hooked on the show. On this show Bob is very different, than on the catfish show.

  9. jon from vancouver Says:

    Aren’t we all different when it’s just the guys and no wives around?! LOL