29: The “Meant for Wednesday” Show

Direct dowload here -> about 33 minutes

Meant for last wednesday, but came in real handy when we couldn’t get together this week 🙂

Guest Still here in the studio : Paul – the american guy
Seal & Heidi Klum
Ambush Outtro : Travis from The Ponderplace Podcast
Living in sin
Ambush Outtro : Luc (Fuzzy Logic)
Skype blows at times
ExtraSuperActionShow had me laughing in the train
Sleeman’s Fine Porter
Scarborough Dude‘s swearing questions
Swearing in French

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:

Brad Sucks – Dirt Bag
Plank63 – Patchwork
Breathing Room – Days go By

Once again, thanks for listening, keeping your comments & Emails coming!

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5 Responses to “29: The “Meant for Wednesday” Show”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    For the love of god!!!!

    Great show…I’m looking forward to the next!!Am I sucking up cause I am the host…


  2. Big Mike Says:

    oh my god was I just a segue? SCHWEEEEEET!!!

  3. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Thanks for trying to help straighten out my swearing guys – guess from now on I’ll stick to what I know best, the language you hear on Trailer Park Boys.

    Hey, whaddya got against Lachine!? I understand why everybody hates Scarborough, but why Lachine – home of the 1689 Iroquois Massacre (http://www.turningmemories.com/lachine.html)

  4. jon from vancouver Says:

    The first time I heard about Seal and Heidi, I thought it was an odd match. But they do seem to be happy and Seal is one of my favorite artists. I have his latest DVD Audio disc and it sounds so much better than a regular cd.

    Do you guys have any experience with DVD Audio discs? These can be played in regular dvd players, the sound is better if you have a receiver with optical input. Surround sound is amazing. I suppose it’s another format for the record labels to hook consumers on. But honestly, it’s my only disc.

    I agree with Travis, those music channels suck and there’s hardly any videos on. Full of shit shows. TV is quickly becoming a fixture in our home, just to display DVD movies. We got cable, and good thing we don’t pay for it, it just sucks.

    Is this American guy staying in Canada illegally? He’s been on your show for awhile, but doesn’t talk much. Is it time to call the government authorities? LOL.

    Sleemans is great beer, but not sure about the flavor you are talking about. Chocolate? Cream or Honey Brown is my fav.

    This Scarborough dude is getting alot of airplay and webplay. The French comments went over my Westerner non-francophone head. We got more Asian writing and speaking than French here, so those 12 years of French classes was a big waste of time. Thanks to the Provincial school system, many of us don’t use French. It’s too bad, those swear words could have come in handy.

    Great show guys. Get Rich to do another show. That was a funny show with him. Where’s Rich (your ex-employee)I haven’t heard him with Jason recently?

  5. Tippecanoe Says:

    I was listening to #29 while waiting in line for tickets at the Washington Monument in DC. People kept giving me weird looks as I was laughing.

    Keep up the good work!