28: The real one, not the 28 we erased

Direct dowload here -> about 40 minutes

Show 28 – Mellow show, and hey, who’s american is this?

Guest in the studio : Paul – the american guy
Speedies – the southern NY treat
AJ digs Sage Francis (which you can hear @ Julien’s inoveryourhead )
Fun with googlism
New look for the forum
Official distance , Montreal to St. Louis : 1200 miles, 1900 kms
AJ digs Skype
Paul’s Life history explored

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:

Nick Stecki – Hostess Song
Dust Radio – February Day
Seth Williams – Give and Give

Thanks for joining the new forum, tell your friends, tell your family!

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4 Responses to “28: The real one, not the 28 we erased”

  1. Nic Says:

    -nico is without a doubt extremely smart (i didn’t make that one up!)
    -nico is a new term for an old disease
    -nico is not
    -nico is associated with pain
    -nico is a lame shame
    -nico is helpless
    -nico is heterosexual
    -nico is gay
    -nico is visiting his best friend dani in barcelona (this is from a spanish movie, i recognize it)
    -nico is as nico does
    -nicolas is intended primarily for use by nasa employees
    -nicolas is the first descendent to arrive in canada that we know of (i didn’t know i was in canada…)

  2. big mike Says:

    I feel the need to go public with this: I am not a Rush fan. Sue is the Rush fan, and she agrees that Geddy Lee is teh ghey!!

  3. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Yoooooooouu’re a Rush fan, Mike, don’t con us.

  4. julien Says:

    oh yeahhhh