27: Rich and his evil Fire-Water

MP3 or RSS 47 minutes

Special Guest :Rich (no not the voice over guy)
Our 50 year relationship with AJ
Two-Four, 24, case, golf-pack
Rich’s corporate indulgences
The Paint Commercial music again
Comment from Bill from Denver
Shok taste test
Jon’s logo work
Rich’s stress relief
Quebec Nudity

Here are a few pics of the show:

Rich and his evil coffee-beer

AJ in deep-thought mode

Bob wondering if he hit “record”

Special thanks to Big Mike for the disclaimers

Our mostlytunes this time:

VanderVeen – Weekend full of Weekends
Kirk Ellard – Panicked View
Dystropia – Break
Barton Gill – Reach Out

We don’t mention it in the show, but we have some articles coming out about us in near future.. So it’d look good if we were back in the top 50 over at podcastalley.. If you want to, vote here… if not, that’s ok – it’s all good (as CC would say) !

See ya next week!

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7 Responses to “27: Rich and his evil Fire-Water”

  1. Nic Says:

    Rich may be crazier than you but he’s quite illustrated. Guaraná comes from Brazil. It is possible to find it here but as an import, and it’s not nearly as popular.
    We too have an ugly Red Bull car with the huge can on the roof; not a Mini but a New Beetle wich makes it even uglier.

    I was going to say you should have Rich over more often but if in one show he got both of you yelling (and how!), he might end up driving you nuts in the long run, hehe.

  2. Scarborough Dude Says:

    For sure one of your wilder shows, and I look forward to the next time Rich joins you guys – maybe around next Christmas. Loved ‘Weekend full of Weekends’! Wanted to hear what AJ had to say about nudity in Ontario, but the thread got lost – blame Rich.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I would like too thank Nic and Scarborough dude for comments on the show….

    Not much responce on this baby…Oh well.

    To be honest I wish that Rich would have left us a comment…oh well!!

    Thank You all who did leave a comment..AJ is happy!!

    Take Care…

  4. Big Mike Says:

    I could’a swore I said MORE SHOWS!!!!

  5. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    I recently got around to listening to your show on my iPod – y’know what it’s like, you end up with weeks worth of podcasts to plough through.

    Anyway, I was immediately hooked, and listened to 5 in a row, something I normally only do with shows that are great.

    So, you officially have a great show.

    And you can say that I said so.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Mark!!!!

    Great is what we aim for!!Glad too see your comment…


  7. jon from vancouver Says:

    Hey guys, been in TO for a week and I’m listening to all the shows now. Of course, BobandAJ get the first listen out of the 36 shows I need to listen to in iPodder. Shit, the week I’m out of town and there’s a ton of shows to listen. Some weeks, there’s only a handful of subscriptions to hear.

    Great show and music. I was laughing so hard while listening to it on my iPod. Rich reminded me of myself when he started cursing! Haha. He was great to hear on the show. You guys are great with a guest host. Rich needs to make some more appearances. He brings out the beauty of you two! Haha. How many beers did you guys drink?

    I’ve got time to work on the logo, just fu**ing let me know, eh?!