35: Attack of the Chicken

Direct download here -> about 31 minutes

Different vibe to the show this week, AJ’s in via Skype since he’s suffering from Chicken pox. If you want to see the damage to our friend, you can see him here.

AJ’s chicken attack
Formula One racing is a joke
CC tries Miss Vickie’s chips
Bob’s MP3 player bites the big one
Paul Anka covers Eyes without a face
Johnny Cash covers Rusty Cage
Recording via skype is much harder
AJ’s favourite movie : Withnail & I
Oatmeal baths

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Fate of Apollo – Stereo
Freely Moving Observer – Tip of your Tongue
Rebeka Reed – Pharaoh’s Daughter

No wednesday show this week, See ya Sunday!

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5 Responses to “35: Attack of the Chicken”

  1. Big Mike Says:

    Can a person get chicken pox through a skype call?

  2. jon from vancouver Says:

    Damn, chicken pox, get well soon AJ. I had that in highschool, probably the worse timing ever. That picture is like forever. Was it smart to post it? Haha. Doctor Jon says you’re fu**ed.

    I can’t believe what happened in F1, what kind of race was that??? Those Americans were pissed, did you see that? I disagree, racing is a sport and it takes a guy with big cajones to drive that fast with skill and not crash. Check out motoGP, 200km/h with no protection. Can’t wait for Laguna Seca next month.

    Bob, just go get an iPod. Radio sucks here too. If I have nothing in the car, I’ll listen to the talk shows on AM. Does AJ have a tape deck in his car? You can use a tape adapter which is cheaper than the FM transmitter.

    Noooo… Paul Anka covering a Billy Idol song. I’ll try and locate that movie at Rogers and rent it. Captain Morgan says drink up, the rum will kill that chicken pox. Oatmeal bathing? Isn’t that a girly thingy? Haha.

  3. Nic Says:

    F1 sucks. I haven’t watched a race in a long long time. Now, motoGP… that’s a fun sport! (i disagree too, Bob). And we have Porto in 250cc who just won the last race. Yeah baby!

    Can’t you record from your computer to your minidisc? I think there was a model that could. You can use it as a temporary replacememnt for the mp3 player. Or do like me, and use it like a permanent replacement…

    Hear you next sunday, guys. Get well AJ!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well, Like AJ I was dissapointed with the race in the US. Trying to understand the announcers in Spanish was tough. However, I must say the big dissapointment and loser here is Michelin. Bridgestone are guilty of doing thier job right. Michelin fucked up and that’s that. I hope the teams start sueing them for potential loss of points and all wasted travelling money.

    If you’re going to upset a crowd, the US is the place to do it. This is the only race I saw with half empty stands. Throwing shit at the cars that did everything right, was just dangerous and plain rude. Americans don’t deserve this race.

    I have to disagree with Bob’s comment about F1 not being a sport. In fact, there are only 22 drivers on this planet that can drive these cars. Maybe 5-10 of them can do it well. I don’t know of anyother sport with these kind of numbers. There is no higher form of racing. You can’t go higher up than F1 in the world of racing. It is also technology race, and this is what this last race reminded us. If your not at the leading edge, you may as well not show up.

    Does F1 suck? That’s a good question. If you want to see cars hit each other, crash or wipe out, then F1 is not for you. If you want to see 22 lead changes, F1 is not for you either.

    This is like comparing Football to Soccer. Football fans argue there is no scoring in Soccer. Yet there is usually a total of 15-20 minutes of true action in a football game. Soccer is non-stop. When they do score, it is sweet. Watching an F1 passing manouver is like watching a soccer goal.

    That’s my take on it.

  5. Big Mike Says:

    I never got into F1 because I thought it was over-technical.
    I like Soccer. Don’t like Football. Can’t compare them, though. Two totally different games. I like Hockey. I just don’t prefer Football’s tempo, I guess.
    I like Rugby. I like wearing women’s clothes.

    The reason I don’t like F1 is because I believe that racing technology has overgrown the small courses that were designed originally for the cars of the era.
    Put F1 cars on a circuit built to the speed specs of today’s cars, which would allow frequent passing because the tracks would be much larger, and we’d all be happy.
    Oooooh. Cookies.