34: Wierd Wednesday

Direct download here -> about 51 minutes

Bob: not a Star Wars fan (I Hate Yoda)
Dancing with the Stars
Bob’s f’in moron neighbour
We’re against Happy Slaps
Ramsey Lewis Trio “The In Crowd” Feel
Montreal JazzFest
Kevin Mark outdoors at lunch
Julien’s Foot Tattoo
Close your windows
Bob and AJ logo competition on the forums
Special chat congratulating Big Mike on his 50th ExtraSuperActionShow

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Stephen Lynch – Gay
bill – Sound Scientist
Lowbuz – What’s Done is Done
Sarah Fimm – Mercury

See ya Sunday!

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7 Responses to “34: Wierd Wednesday”

  1. Big Mike Says:

    *sputter* *sptnaaaaa*

    I love you guys!

  2. jon from vancouver Says:

    Great show guys. I’ve seen the Star Wars movie a couple of times, it was good. Is your neighbour European perhaps with a garden? Never enough water, sounds like my Dad and his garden. But he’s not that bad, not when it rains. I’m not into that Dancing with Stars show, guess people will watch whatever. Now there’s a Hilton show with a bunch of losers that want to be socialites. Whatever. I heard the Happy Slap crap and I agree it’s pretty stupid. Guess my logo’s are out and I need to create a new one.

  3. C.C. Says:

    AJ- Great call on Lowbuz. I dug ’em!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “i before e, except after c!” but never when you are spelling “weird” Oops!

  5. Bob Says:

    I knew that. I usually spells real good, but my typing can sukc.

  6. julien Says:

    i was wondering why i wasn’t picking up your shows! label your damn files correctly you bastards!

    repeat after me: GENRE: PODCAST.

    love ya

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys !

    I listened to 33 and 34 back to back and I have to say I almost lost control of my bladder on a number of occasions (I really shouldn’t drink when I’m listening to the shows).

    Keep it going…
    All the best,
    Brian (Glaswegian living in London)